Iggy & the Stooges
Metallic KO
/re: skydog; 1999/


Disc one: The last ever Iggy and the Stooges show - Michigan Palace, Detroit - 9th FEB’74.                        Setlist: Heavy Liquid, I Got Nothin’, Rich Bitch, Gimme Danger, Cock in my Pocket, Louie Louie.

Disc two: Bonus disc, Live Michigan Palace, Detroit - 6th OCT’73
Setlist: Raw Power, Head on, Gimme Danger, Search and Destroy, Heavy Liquid, Open up and Bleed.

It’s the only rock album I know where you can actually hear hurled beer bottles breaking against guitar strings” --LESTER BANGS

People who like nice production, clarity of sound and politeness should not listen to this album, they could get instantly drunk. For others, this record is as essential as Dylan’s “Blonde on Blonde” or Bowie’s “Station to Station”.

This live record has a bad sound, the musicians make mistakes but it’s the wildest thing you may ever hear. You have to listen to Iggy asking the audience to throw more eggs on his face, you have to imagine the Stooges drummer dressed up like a nazi. Something completely mad is happening on stage at every second, songs are full of rage and despair (Raw Power finds here its true meaning), the two versions of “Gimme Danger” are incredible and I always wanted to listen to a song named "Cock in My Pocket."

You got my point, this album is a great one, just buy it.

For people who listen to bands with names beginning by ”the” and think “Raw Power” is a cool cd: 2/10

For the others: 9,3/10

-Humphrey Maurice  

/feb 15th 2003/