(we get lots of records and hardly have the time to review the ones on the front page, here are quick reviews of the ones that didn't make it)

IMPURE WILHELMINA I can't believe I was born in july (Spacepatrol Records)
Emo epics with a metal sway. Combining Trail of Dead’s furious melodies with Envy’s angst. The best stuff I ve heard in a long while.
Read full review of the second album somewhere on this site. AA

I couldn’t help but think of Salad while listening to this not-so outstanding ep, with no reason at all. Anyway it deals with a kind of late brit-pop attitude with a French accent. A strong sentiment of 'deja vu'. AA
HIDE PARK CORNER Hotel Slavija (Association Megaphone)
I like the music a lot, mixing pop rock with all the good stuff from post rock (melodic slow Vs chaos outburst) less the useless repetitiveness. The voice and lyrics make me think of French band Aston Villa but I don’t personally consider this as a good thing. Singing in French is courageous because it’s hard not to be a caricature, maybe that’s why they mixed the voice behind the music. AA
MAARTEN Pictures of a Danish girl
Maarten songs reminds me of the softer stuff by Soulwax, or Herman Dune-ish folk. Soft wooden pop tunes with genuine arrangements. Pictures… is the kind of sunny records everyone would like to listen to but only once in a while, because it relies on a calm melancholic blue sky mood we cannot seriously maintain all day long, specially in winter. AA
MARGO Furtives furies (Peter I’m flying!)
Casio pop, I call it. A childish voice over computer music. Electronic bands are not really bands. But that’s another debate. AA

Moya – Demos (Self-released)
Moya is a young post-rock group from Minsk, Belarus and they don’t bother with sleeves, titles, song names, tracklist etc. Their music consists of short elegant motives whose cinematic aspect would fit in sad road movies and may, therefore, deserve your attention. You can download all these songs from their website. Swd.

Cantona - A sort of Smile (Saucy)
I somehow naively imagined that a band named after my favourite football player would become the best band from Manchester, combining The Stone Roses’ noisy sound, Mark E. Smith’s ferocity, Joy Division’s sadness, The Buzzcocks’ energy and Oasis’ former ability to compose hits as The King combined incredible goals, stubbornness, wild mood swings, disillusioned lines and a longing for art. But Seattle-based Cantona just plays pleasant American pop-rock reminiscent of The Throwing Muses, Lauren Hoffmann and REM. B.I.

Satori – Savor Every Moment (Asian Man Records)
Looking at the front sleeve, I thought Satori played some sort of gentle Japanese power-pop but it’s an awful blend of reggae, rock-steady and ska from California. It’s not because we reviewed Devendra Banhart that we’ve started to like reggae. Please just don’t send us reggae. We don’t like it. Watch Ghost World if you don’t get my meaning. B.I.

/ oct 2005 /

The Society of Rockets – Sunset Homes (Underpop)
Dark, personal and longing.  Kinda like Pavement, kinda like Galaxy 500 (picture the both of them having sex).  Slightly tossed off yet still orchestrated and dreamy.  Oh, but with an American country tinge.  A solid record.  AI 

Maximilian Hecker – Lady Sleep (Kitty-Yo)
This is either one of the saddest records I have ever heard or one of the most emotionally manipulative hack jobs I’ve come across.  Some songs are powerful and beautiful (lone piano, icy vocals—think Sigur Ros) while others contain moments where I need to check myself to see if I’ve become a Snow Patrol fan.  Beware…  AI

No Wait Wait – No Wait Wait (Charikickers Music)
Press sticker reads like Pedro the Lion, Low, Weezer and The Cars.  Not as exciting as any of those bands.  Even though Marc Gartman has worked with Oldham and Alan Sparhawk that doesn’t mean his songs are as good as theirs.  Kinda like a country Weezer.  Erm.  AI

Riviera – At the End of the American Century… (Glorious Noise)
You know, I’m not a country fan in any sense.  I even have a hard time approaching alt-country.  Riviera made the experience very easy on me.  This is a nice CD, the songs go down easy and without that annoying twang.  For fans of My Morning Jacket, Sun Kil Moon and the like.  AI

The Poison Arrows – The Poison Arrows EP (File 13)
This EP is really a wasted effort.  There are three songs and one remix of the first song.  What is surprising is that none of it is interesting except for the first song “Trailer Park.”  Actually, it’s a really good song.  More like this please.  Martin Rev of Suicide does the remix.  Names won’t get you anywhere if the songs aren’t good, fyi.  AI

Pattern Is Movement – The (Im)possibility of longing (Noreaster Failed industries)
This band is tight as hell and very interesting.  Their music reminds a lot of math rock but they have good vocals and lots of other sounds in each song.  It’s actually a really enjoyable CD the first few listens, but after a while I got a little bored.  I’m sure the next by them is going to kick ass.  The instrumentation is just incredible.  Good stuff.  AI

My Way My Love – Hypnotic Suggestion: 01 (File 13)
Noisy Japanese band.  Kinda like Jesus Lizard but sounding more like early (Kill Yr Idols) Sonic Youth.  Amateurish.  Has some cool moments but almost instantly forgettable.  AI

Ocean Colour Scene – A Hyperactive Workout For the Flying Squad (Sanctuary)
Derivative.  Uninteresting.  I’m going to give away this CD to someone at a frat party when school begins in September.  They’ll dig this.  Full of energy but totally empty upstairs.  I want to like it, it’s loud and fun and self assured, but deep down I know it’s fried in so much batter there’s no meat to it at all.  AI

Red Eyed Legends – Mutual Insignificance (File 13)
Good punk-ish indie band.  This stuff isn’t bad, however it also isn’t that engaging after a few listens.  Kinda like Fugazi.  Band sounds a little too uninterested (playing isn’t that tight, singing is half forced).  If they diversify a bit their next full length should be cool.  AI

/sept 1st 2005/

Explosions in the Sky – The Earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place
Another great album that’s just too old to get a full review, which I was sent, that I feel I have to talk about.  The next from these guys will get a full one.  If you like Mogwai or noisy/quiet instrumental post rock, you’ll love this band.  Contact Temporary Residence for a copy of Explosion in the Sky’s first record (my favorite) or this amazing sophomore release.  AI

The Moonbabies - The Orange Billboard
This is a really good pych-pop band from Sweden (I think that’s where they’re from).  It’s great, nice stuff but a little too bland for me.  If I was a lighthearted indie girl I might like this music more, but alas bands like Yellow Swans intrigue me much more (warning: if you are a light hearted indie girl, don’t look the band up, you will hate me for scaring you.)  AI

An Angel – We Can Breath Under Alcohol (Drive thru)
Sounds sorta like Bright Eyes.  Definitely one of the best acts on the Drive-Thru label.  The songs aren’t that bad and if I listened to mainstream radio I would dig this.  The guy behind An Angel is very talented, he just needs to tighten up and sign to an indie.  Maybe stop ripping off Bright Eyes too.  AI

Earl Pickens – Country Music Jukebox
Not really the type of music we are into here.  It’s practically straight up country (we’d prefer alt-country like Sun Kil Moon).  This guys nice though.  If I listened to country I’d listen to him. Sorry.  I feel I must say something about these records because they were sent to me.  AI

Robert Cray – Twenty
Cray has reached a stage in his output (after being around so long) where all of his material isn’t all that different from what has come just before it.  I mean, you can go out and buy his classic albums instead of this.  Strong Persuader highly recommended.  AI

Holy fucking shit.  This is the nastiest, noisiest band on Load’s roster (Lightning Bolt, Excepter, Ultralyd, et cetera).  This CD scared me.  It sounds like a thousand car wreck with a giant blob monster, weird, spinny alien things and a cat being torn in half.  I was too busy hiding under my desk to give it a full review.  For those interested in complete noise and finding out if you can actually go insane from listening to music.  AI

Cut the Wires – Cut the Wires EP (Collekt)
“Antisocial” starts off sounding exactly like a Gang of Four song and then attempts a Rapture thing with the guitars, while the rhythm section remains weak.  Sorry guys, way too late. Insound told me that this is for fans of At the Drive-In, Q and Not U, Ted Leo and Moving Units but Cut the Wires are actually for people who can’t tell the difference.  If I was drunk and on the dance floor….maybe.  “Kittens” is a pretty good, spastic song.  AI

Snailhouse – The Silence Show
This is a decent album.  It’s very pretty with touches of Nick Drake but some more pop elements. It just isn’t that engaging for me personally.  But if you like hushed whispers of torments and secrets, you’ll dig it.  AI

/july 1st 2005/

THE PEPPERMINTS - Jesüs Chryst (paw tracks)
This is how i thought a punk band signed on paw tracks would sound like. It sounds like it was recorfded in your garage, which is not bad, but no song really stands out of this pretty ok trash/punk record if you're into trash/punk records. BH

ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFFITI - Worn Copy (paw tracks)
So. Ariel Pink. The whole record sounds like TV shows theme songs. The first track sounds like a medley of police TV shows from the 80s. Ariel Pink's music is totally unique and litterally jaw-dropping. BH

VA - 4 WOMEN NO CRY (monika)
One good idea: 4 female artists give away songs for a four-way split cd. I had high hopes regarding this. Out of the four (Rosario Bléfari, Tusia Beridze,
Eglantine Gouzy and Catarina Pratter) it is Tusia Beridze who produce the most interesting tracks and the best songs. Gouzy's songs in French ("Nurse Song" is English and incidentally, better, even though her singing sounds really forced) are painful to listen to. Bléfari's songs are not really remarkable, cute but not really awe-inspiring. Catarina Pratter delivers the best song on this compilation, "Dreaming of Love," as well as three totally forgettable tracks. A good idea, worth pursuing, even though this first production is mixed quality-wise. BH

SCRITTI POLITTI - Early (Rough Trade)
Not a lot of people have heard of Scritti Politti.  There’s a reason for this.  They are a fairly decent band from the past (mid 80’s to be exact) and they released a couple of sweet songs and one great album, Cupid & Psyche 85.  This package covers their beginngs, b-sides and other such rarities.  Slightly meandering funk/atmospherics from a good post punk band.  AI 

THE FRAMES - Burn the Maps (Anti)
You know, The Frames aren’t terrible but they irk me for one reason in particular—they are making music that so many others are making.  On this disc they are like a garage Coldplay.  Burn the Maps is an OK album.  Unless you’re a Coldplay fan (I like some Coldplay songs).  Rock music for people who shop at American Eagle (I own a pair of jeans).  AI

EMILIANA TORRINI - Fisherman’s Woman (Rough Trade)
Emiliana sounds like she hired some mad, indie scientist to capture the voices of Bjork and Joanna Newsom to create a spellbinding potion for herself.  This is a real pretty record.  Oh, and a little bit of Feist too.  But there’s just one thing.  Among her influences and contemporaries, she sounds particularly bland and aimless.  Not nearly as weird as Newsom, not nearly as cathartic as Bjork and without the melody of either, Torrini floats in the middle land in between, paving no new ground.

BENZOS - Morning Stanzas (Stinky)
I feel sorry for Stinky records.  Like many others they just can’t seem to separate from the hoards of other labels to achieve a distinct place in our little cultural pot.  The best act on their roster is Singapore Sling (check out The Curse of Singapore Sling, the bands first), a fairly talented band.  It is signing bands like Benzos though, that clearly weighs them down.  They’re not a terrible band, the recording of the instruments sounds great, but again nothing new is being offered here.  If Stinky would just tighten up their search, I’m sure the label would grow.  AI

ROBERT PLANT - Strange Sensation (Sanctuary/EMI)
Oh, Robert.  Actually wait, I’m not even going to pretend like I know what he’s about.  This is just not like any of the stuff I’ve gone back and listened to by this great man.  Buy this record for your uncle.  AI

GZR - Ohmwork (Sanctuary/EMI)
“GZR featuring Geezer Butler, founding member of Black Sabbath.”  When a CD has a sticker like that on the cover I prepare for the worst.  Only a shitty, not even come back album would resort to tactics like that.  Guess what?  AI

AHLEUCHATISTAS - On the Culture Industries (angura sound)
One of the best jazzy mathy instrumental rock bands around (a genre I’ve grown sick and tired with).  The only reason this is in the snacks bin is because I’ve got 100 other cd’s to review and I’m going to do a full one on the bands newest release The Same and the Other.  Check them out.  AI

/jun 1st 2005/

STEEL TRAIN - Twilight Tales from the Prairies of the Sun (Drive-Thru)
We have a motto of trying to review every piece of music that we receive.  It’s hard to keep up when so many of these releases deserve full reviews.  However, records like this here one from Steel Train (and generally everything from Drive-Thru) make our job very easy, cause these Snack reviews don’t take long and I can usually get a lot of them done in no time.  See!  AI

DAY AT THE FAIR - The Rocking Chair Years (Rushmore)
What do you know, more Good Charlotte-esque music!  Recommended for those entering puberty or the mentally handicapped.  AI 

SINGAPORE SLING - Life Is Killing My Rock ‘N’ Roll (Stinky)
Singapore Sling reminds me of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (similar sound/style).  Like BRMC they released a pretty good debut.  Unfortunately they have also released a lackluster second album like that band too.  But you should definitely get the Sling’s first if you like BRMC.  AI

THE KIDCRASH - New Ruins (Lujo)
I was gonna write a whole review on this record cause I had come across it on Insound and they made it sound like it was good.  It really isn’t that great.  If I was younger maybe I would not be such an asshole.  It’s basically more of your standard youthful pop-punk.  AI

THE NEINS CIRCA - Sunday Anthems (Blue Curtain)
This Canadian band is ok.  But I recommend Outrageous Cherry to people who like music like this, or Neutral Milk Hotel.  There is some nice pop music on this disc but nothing that really stays with you.  AI

THE DEADLY - The Wolves Are Here Again (Pluto)
Too much for me.  This is a hardcore album that any fan of Blood Brothers would like.  Really abrasive, nonstop yelling and loudness.  Don’t worry Pluto Records, I’ll do a full review of another hardcore CD that you sent.  AI

/may 15th 2005/

MARS BLACK - Folks Musick (team love)
This is a standard hip hop album. I don’t know as much about this genre of music as some other critics do, but I sure as hell can tell the difference between originality and generic repetition. There just wasn’t anything interesting about this release.  My favorite hip hop acts? Aesop Rock and Dälek, no doubt. AI

DEFINED BY WHAT WE STEAL - The New Face of Freedom (dogbus)
Defined By What We Steal are a metal band with a political agenda, which would be fine, if they didn’t sound like a high school band and choose ridiculous song topics such as people who smoke cigarettes.  I use the word ‘metal’ deep fried in naiveté and adolescence.  “Smoke Free World” is straight up ridiculous and “The Fine Art of Appreciating What We Have” is… well, it doesn’t even matter, just look at the fucking song title for Christ’s sake. AI

CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - In the Arms of God (sanctuary)
This is some heavy, hard core shit.  I am a wussy so I will not bash this record.  People who like loud music and only loud metal/hardcore music will like it.  For me it was too much (but for you maybe too much is a good thing).  I listen to the Unicorns. AI

/may 1st 2005/

HALIFAX - A Writer’s Reference (drive-thru)
Look at that album title.  On the cover there is a black and white image of a pretty girl.  There is also a pair of giant red scissors positioned around her neck.  The inside photo is an image of four young men with messy hair, tight shirts and various piercings.  If this already sounds like shitty screamo-emo to you, that is precisely why you are reading about it here.  Get a life Halifax.  I’ll let the song titles speak for themselves: “I Hate Your Eyes,” “Broken Glass Syndrome” and “Scarlet Letter Part II.”  Really, I’m getting tired of this.  AI

HIDDEN IN PLAIN VIEW - Life in Dreaming (drive-thru)
Really, I hate putting all the releases by a particular label in the Snacks section but if they keep putting out crap I’ll keep putting it in here.  More angry emo music; you know, like wrist bands and whiney voices and stuff.  My decision may have been a little unfair though; I made chicken fingers and talked on the phone while this disc was on.  But then again, I thought I was listening to Toronto’s funny as hell rock radio.  Poor!  AI

/apr 15th 2005/

THE PATRIOTIC SUNDAY - Lay Your Soul Bare (collectif effervescence)
French pop/folk sung in English, reminiscent of your dad's record collection. I find it very good, even impressive at times, despite a weird feeling: does this sounds too clean or too bare ? BH

/apr 1st 2005/

THE RUSTICATORS - Talking with the Dead (self-released)
Well, with a name like The Rusticators i can hardly help myself from saying "this is the schwarzenegger approach to acoustic pop" and i wouldn't be far off. It would be ok without that singer. You just can't sing like a diva when you're in an acoustic band, dammit. It's all about intimacy (or ruining it). BH

SUN PLEXUS - Or ou Ferraille ? A quelle profondeur ? (ronda)
This is a pretty good, yet violent, experimental rock record. Guitars, static, percussions, ghost voices and broken drum machines. BH

THE 101 - Green Street (limekiln)
The 101’s debut, Green Street, is not a terrible record.  It’s got powerful, squeaky clean guitars, nice melodies, and can fit perfectly on the playlist of any big city ‘alternative’ rock radio station.  The band is headed by former Antarctica frontman Eric Richter, who seems to love making generic, harmless stuff.  Unfortunately, that means this release sounds like ten thousand other pop-rock bands to me, and I never liked commercial radio much anyway.  What else is there to say?  …There’s a cool section of guitar echo on track six.  AI

THE FREQUENCY - The Frequency (noreaster failed industries)
The sticker on the front of The Frequency’s self titled debut reads: “debut solo release from Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am.”  That bit of info would have meant twice as much a few years ago.  Nowadays, Mr. Thomson is making directionless, retro styled dance music a la every fricking 80’s synth band that got played on the radio back in the day.  It’s not bad music, but just because it’s supposed to be fun doesn’t make it good.  AI

STRUCTION - Struction (noreaster failed industries)
Struction’s first release for Noreaster Failed Industries is a decent effort.  The female vocals aren’t nearly as bad as everyone says they are, and the instrumentals are loud and tight, but the band is not going to aspire to any Wonderful Rainbow heights.  Their technical proficiency is something to be admired.  There is also a hint of dance, or more like stomp.  Although eventually it becomes more about seeing how long you can prolong a racket rather than having an actual purpose for prolonging it.  They may eventually come out with a really good album.  AI

/mar 15th 2005/

SPIRES THAT IN THE SUNSET RISE - Spires that in the Sunset Rise (graveface)
A very singular document, freak folk recorded in 1670 by the ghosts of the Salem trials witches. Hardly listenable. BH

/feb 15th 2005/

MACHINE - Binary (selfreleased)
Tough beats, haunting synthetic sounds, Air's keyboards, samples, the record starts pleasantly. Then it's a bit more electropop-ish, with new wave guitars, vocoders and thick atmospheres. Far from being bad Machine's music has already been heard a billion times since 1999. Binary will appeal to people who like the background music in posh bars. BH

VA - No Shape Music Kompilation vol.2 (no shape music)
This compilation is promo material for People on Holiday ("velvet-like art rock", see below), Les Yves (french garage for people who like garage), eOLe (folk with a tough accent), No Hay Banda (folk rock with mariachis), Chillout (power pop, very melodic, the singer's voice sounds a lot like Rivers Cuomo, unfortunately there are no real hooks here), Mongol Rodeo (electropunk with budget drummachines). All of these bands (and a couple of others) grace you with two of their compositions. Nobody bothers buying this kind of compilation anymore, they should just be given away. BH

/feb 1st 2004/

TURING MACHINE - Zwei (frenchkiss)
This is one of the better math rock albums I’ve heard. But then again, I’m not the biggest fan of the genre, especially when there are absolutely no vocals on the whole flipping disc. I almost fell asleep from the sameness of it all. Zwei has a few killer moments but on the whole it just isn’t that engaging. That is, unless you’re one of those faithful math rock nerds, God bless ‘em.  AI

TRAINDODGE - The Truth (ascetic)
Two discs. Over one hundred minutes.  An awkward blend of indie/emo/math/I don’t know what. The best parts of these discs put together could make a quarter of an interesting album. And what the hell is up with the lame ass title? The Truth - this album sucks. AI

/jan 15th 2005/

STROMBA - Giddy Up single (fat cat)
More dance punk, this time more experimental and a bit boring. The two first tracks are not that special, but Giddy Up (track three on this three tracks single) is a bit more enjoyable with its soulful horns. BH

ARIEL PINK'S HAUNTED GRAFITI - The Doldrums (paw tracks)
This sounds very very strange, somewhere in between pocket lo-fi pop à la Russian Futurists and experiments à la Animal Collective. But scary like those scenes in Twin Peaks. Ariel Pink is David Lynch's Tom Jones. BH

THIS BRIGHT APOCALYPSE - Motion and Rest (54°40" or fight!)
Oh dear, now this is just not my cup of tea. Individually, the elements making up the band are ok (great singer, competent instrumentation), however they add up to something that is much less interesting as a whole. Emo/math/post-hardcore…whatever it is, it needs focus. The lyrics have something to be desired. Check “The Approach” to see if you like this band, it’s their best song. AI

BLOODTHIRSTY LOVERS - The Delicate Stream (french kiss)
David Shouse of the now defunct Grifters does just ok with this new band. I gave it a couple spins, and while nothing made me hate it, nothing made me want to listen to it again. Sorta like The Flaming Lips except, well… much less interesting. You could do worse, and hey, not everyone digs Xiu Xiu. AI

MEZZANINE-C14 - He Keeps Silent and Sacrifices Himself (break even)
If you like everything noisy and accompanied by screaming, you’ll love this record. If you love The Jesus Lizard, then you’ll like this record. I give props to Will Walker for fronting this band through so many lineup changes. If I was hard, I’d listen to Mezzanine~C14… but I’m not. I’m a geek and this record just doesn’t "give me" enough. AI

/dec 15th 2004/

RECIFE - New Ams (les electroïdes associés)
French electro-rock, reminiscent of 80s pop/new wave, the Notwist, Mogwai and other electro/post-rock pieces. The catchiest tracks are good, even if a bit unfocused at times. I really like "The Name," a nice new wave piece reminiscent of Duran Duran (the bass line!) and New Order (the impressive chorus). The three opening pieces are less impressive than the following songs. New Ams sounds 80-ish with more or less superfluous blips popping here and there. A good record, very impressive at times ("Hanging Garden", the end of "On the Roof"), don't be scared by the first three tracks. BH

KAMIDO: TU - Naegi ep (self released)
French electronica, from Rennes. Very melodic, with un-experimental pop structures. The song "Shade" is a tribute to Evil Dead and features noise, and it sounds good. It sounds tasteful and laid back like an expensive Japanese restaurant.

MELTED MEN - Smoke Alarm Limbo 7" (pinksock)
Nice clear 7" filled with music i cannot describe (think Animal Collective as Crack WAR's sex slaves). This is effortless freak-punk, sometimes good ("Thumbs like a Human") sometimes less good ("Sticky Frog"). It can appeal to slackers with baseball caps, wristbands and funny shoes. BH

SAUNA KINGS - Waiting for the Sun (pinksock)
Hello, NYC. The song "Waiting for the Sun" sounds like TV on the Radio with more drugs and without a great singer. Very minimalistic and old fashioned, reminiscent of slow cold dark ambient/industrial from the early 90s. This genre has been slowly decaying throughout the past ten years and needs an update. quick. Also, the porn star picture on the cd is really really stupid. BH

PEOPLE ON HOLIDAY - Canary Wharf Gherkins (self released)
Despite their stupid and pretentious label ("Art rock reminiscent of the Velvet Underground"), People on Holiday sound like nice people. I would never call their music "art rock," and i would never dare compare them to the Velvet Underground, but this ep is nice if you pass by these obstacles and actually give it a chance. I almost didn't. BH

FOR THE CHOSEN FEW - My City of Ruins (sinking my own sheep)
I really don't like names like these. Maybe I'm in a bad mood today. Anyway. For The Chosen Few sound like JJ72, which is neither bad nor spectacular. They do it well though. BH

16PAC - My Heart is Full of of Music (self released)
The music is surprisingly good, but the singing somehow ruins the momentum. I don't like girls when they sing like this. The whole thing is still good, thanks to good compositions, but the lyrics and the singing can get quite annoying. BH

/dec 1st 2004/

PANDA BEAR - Young Prayer (paw tracks)
Animal Collective's Panda Bear releses a solo album recorded in his childhood home after his father's death. While the concept is moving, the music sounds like an Animal Collective approach to Gregorian chants, and even though it can appeal to some people (especially the AC die-hard fans) Young Prayer is, in my humble opinion, far from being as enjoyable as Sung Tongs. BH

SILENCE KIT - Pionear (lemonsmellstreet)
Reminiscent of : Mogwai, post rock stuff (with more singing).
Russian Silence Kit have nothing to do with the Pavement song or music. This is nother in a series of records to play when you are looking for a background music to your activities. The futility of this kind of post rock postures are really becoming obvious: 3 songs, 71 minutes. I had never seen/heard that before. Anyway, the diversity in the music saves it a little, not only offering crescendos and climatic/anti climatic mementos. AA

/nov 1st 2004 : brought to you with love by Angus Anderson and Barbara H/

I'M NOT A GUN - Our Lives on Wednesdays (city centre offices)
Post-rock by John Tejada, melting into experimental laptop music, out on City Centre Offices. A lukewarm record, sometimes brilliant, familiar and soothing, sometimes less appealing. BH

b. fleischmann & herbert weixelbaum present : DUO505 - Late (morr music)
B. Fleischmann's music sounded fresh at first, nice and soothing. It has more or less grown a bit tasteless throughout the years, his soundscape being limited by nature. Teaming up with other roland505 groovebox artist Herbert Weixelbaum is definitely a good idea, and the result is Fleischmann's most impressive output since his early recordings. BH

NATSAT – Angle ( space patrol)
This debut album from french Natsat offers randomly original post rock getaways, the better with clarinet and saxophone fills. They say they play bitter easy listening, in between rock and jazz, and it’s true that they have real melodic skills..The problem for me is still the length and repetitiveness of this kind of music and a pompous bio. AA

ARGENTINE – In other fictions ( self released)
Post pop? Atmospheric pop? I don’t really know what kind of music Argentine plays, but Ian Carpenter’s voice is compelling, combined with the melancholic harmonious lethargy of each musical chapter of this mini album. But it’s a little repetitive on the course of 43 minutes. AA

THE ORDINARY – Don’t let me die a waiter (audiction records)
An EP from NYC, but nothing to do with the Strokes. These sons of grunge have choked on radio pop and regurgitate something that’s too easy on the ear. Well, they are 10 years late but it can be pleasing if you’re not trying to write a review.  But what’s that thing with drums and bass intros for every song? AA

FEMME FATALITY - Never Had a Daddy (collective records)
Goth-disco is a genre i don't really like. I guess this record will appeal to people who like electroclash crossed with tombstone goth vocals. Surprising to say the least. BH

THE ONE-INCH PUNCH - Horsehead Nebula (collective records)
Math-rock from Columbia, MO, recorded by the Paper Chase's John Congleton. It starts quite well with an impressive opening track and then the bass player goes mental. If you like the Math in Math rock, oppressively complicated bass lines and guys who scream really loud i guess you will enjoy Horsehead Nebula quite a bit. BH

/oct 15th 2004 : brought to you with love by Angus Anderson and Barbara H/