Mary Star of the Sea
/reprise; 2003/

rating : 3.5



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Hmmm. It sounds intriguing, and may sound good : David Pajo, Matt Sweeney, Billy Corgan, Jimmy Chamberlain and Paz Lenchantin in the same band. Even though the cover art is very very ugly. 

I have to dj in a radio show in a couple of hours and a date with a really cute girl afterwards, so i may skip a couple of songs. Lyric is the first song, and to be frank, it's probably one of the best on the album. The dynamics between Corgan's voice and Lenchantin's are really cute. It works, even though it sounds really mainstream. Settle Down features the worst lyrics Corgan ever penned (but then i haven't listened to the rest of the album). If he were a dad he would have an excuse but he's just a reborn Christian. Anyway, settling down is not very rock'n roll is it ? I declare myself/declare myself of faith. You can laugh. Declaration of Faith sucks, despite it's ok chorus. Three songs and I can already perceive how this will sound. Nostalgic and radio-friendly. Music for the young adults who loved the Smashing Pumpkins in 1994 and stopped listening to music after Mellon Collie. I like Honestly, despite its mainstream-ness. I mean, there's flanger in it. Cause there's no place that I could be without you. I find it cute. El Sol is a ok ballad. But you've heard it over a thousand times already. Of a Broken Heart could have sounded good if : Pajo had sung it and if it had been recorded on a four track recorder. It's not really bad, but well, your mom will like it. Ride a Black Swan is my favourite song on the album. It's catchy and the lyrics aren't as bad as in the other songs. And the guitar lines in the chorus are awesome. I like it, even though the final part is really cheesy. It's a little long. Heartsong (yes). Violins and acoustic guitar and Corgan. you have the right to be frightened. Endless Summer is not a Fennesz cover. That would have been fun. It's not bad. Not good either, but there's much worse on the album. For example, Baby Let's Rock. It's the "let's try to sound like the Beatles" song, there are a few nice parts in it but the "rock" riff is unbelievably cheesy. Even Nickleback don't sound like that. Except if you have never heard anything louder than Phil Collins, you will have a hard time trying not to laugh while hearing Corgan shouting "Let's Rock!" Yeah could have been good if it didn't sound this bad. The song is not that bad really, but, really, the production/interpretation sucks. It sounds like Chris Lee or any white soul guy around. Desire is probably the cheesiest song on the album. It almost sounds like Supertramp. Adult rock 4 ever. Beware, here comes the 15 minutes epic. Two parts : part one : Jesus I, part two : Mary Star of the Sea. Both sound redundant and totally obsolete. Mistake one : it doesn't sound as good as the old smashing pumpkins epics. Mistake two : it's not 1995 anymore. And besides, the first part is about Jesus. Christian rock. The closer Come With Me couldn't sound less delicate, despite the harmonica. Jimmy Chamberlain has never been a delicate drummer and he proves it once more. 

Well, I couldn't help but skip a few tracks, because they were really bad. In the end only four tracks end up being worth listening : Lyric, Ride a Black Swan, Endless Summer and Honestly. Word is that the ZWAN team is going to release an all-acoustic album next. Let's hope they give up the rainbow imagery and the believing-in-god-rules lyrics.  


/feb 1st 2003/