Tomorrow Never Comes

/fat cat; 2002/

rating : 8



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Just when i thought that ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead was the coolest band around I heard xinlisupreme's "All You Need is Love was not True" which is awarded the honorable prize of "song title of the month." 
The only things i know about xinlisupreme is that they're from Japan and that they're talented. I guess it's enough. Their debut album is quite impressive. I'm going to take shortcuts and say that it sounds like My Bloody Valentine but that it's more than that. "All You Need is Love was not True" really sounds like MBV. You can hardly hear the vocals. These guys make Belinda Butcher sound articulate. Some songs are really noisy, if you want to hear what I mean just listen to "Kyoro". 
The oddest thing about this album is that it sounds, well, bad if you don't listen carefully. The first thing I thought in my twisted labeling rock-critic mind is "lo-fi shoegazing" but after a few deeper listenings you realize that this album is a discreet electro-rock crossover in which machines are not used for beats (even though they use drum machine, most of the time they sound like real life drums) but to add more noise. Most of the tracks explode after three minutes. And it is often impressive. I have to talk about "Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella" at this point. This is a scary oppressive twelve minutes long track (even the title is scary. I mean, "fatal sisters" ???) I consider it as evil. It has a dramatic quality that is not often found in music (GYBE! seem to be able to do that endlessly though). It starts just like "All You Need is Love was not True" and then it explodes. It sounds like a heart attack. Think of the scariest thing you've ever seen and try to imagine how that would sound. It is more frightening than that. It sounds like the furious explosion of a desperate man.

-Barbara H.