Wolf Eyes
Fuck the Old Miami
/important; 2005/






The thing about Wolf Eyes is that you find yourself fanatically tracking down and eventually ( after you get a big enough pay-check) buying as many of their numerous records and tapes as you can find...Even though you don't really "enjoy" their music. Now, now, I DO enjoy the awful, shrieking, scraping, abrasive electronics and heavy droning beats with distorted, tape-delayed, reversed, creepy-as-fuck vocals with the occasional saxophone flourish, but only some of the time.

Important Records is re-issuing ( it was first released on super hard to find limited edition CD-Rs) this 2003 live-set recorded at "The Old Miami" in Wolf Eye's home-state of Michigan on LP with a sweet vinyl etching on the back. The etching is a disturbing image of a knife-bird-skull thing on fire. Or something weird like that, it's hard to tell. Apparently the guys in Wolf Eyes requested that the etching would be playable too. And it is...if you want to go buy a new record stylus after yours gets broken in the process.

As far as Wolf Eyes stuff goes, this one's pretty good. Because the entire, unedited set only takes up one side of the LP you don't get the awesome 12 minute songs like on Dead Hills, but you do get to hear all of the lovely sounds I mentioned earlier. Check it out if you want to be "one-up" on all the other indie kids.

-Scott Moore

/october 2005/