Sanddollars, the ep
/anticon; 2005/






A single rainy afternoon drags me down. Spending two weeks in Dublin, despite the friends i'll meet there, may not be the most brilliant idea. On this awesome ep Why? melts hip hop with pop the way Buck65 melts it with country. It sounds like he created his own magical delorean and recorded songs in the 60s with Phil Spector, Brian Wilson and the good ol Beatles, erased their minds with LSD, stole the tapes and drove back to now. From "Miss Ohio's Nameless" to the power pop-ish "Mutant John" the record is flowing with ideas and Why? sounds like a 6 years old kid in an empty toy store, experimenting all over, singing and rapping, building up choirs of himself. Sanddollars is Anticon's most interesting release since the cLOUDDEAD days and a hell of a twisted pop record you should care about.

-Barbara H

/july 1st 2005/