Whirlwind Heat
Do Rabbits Wonder ?
/xl; 2003/



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Our first encounter with Whirlwind Heat was an afternoon gig we attended in Primavera festival. The few people smart enough to get there on that stifling afternoon were astonished by the energy displayed even though the attendance could be defined as something closer to 0+2=1 than 210. Respect for the crowd.

Do rabbits wonder? I guess not otherwise they would have sneaked their nose out of their Spanish holes.

Influences: A lot of sixties garage bands. No Means No because of the rhythmic section. The Stooges. The Beastie Boys because of the insane dimension.

            Do rabbits wonder? It’s called carrots so they probably do. Shepherds wondered at the angels. But we don’t. We are only angels. Some groups remind you of dozens of bands but some sort of magic moment happens, the songs just click, sometimes it’s beyond explanations…

Whirlwind Heat recorded their album for Jack White of the White Stripes. The latter definitely represents a colourful connection these days.

Do rabbits wonder ? I guess they didn’t know back then. Maybe they will…

Eccentricity: all the songs’ titles are colours. That might be an interesting thing to study but time is running away... and unfortunately I’m no painter.

            Do rabbits wonder ? It probably depends on whether they see everything in black and white… Do you want to see the cat ?

The rhythm section duet added to the unleashed singer who often gets odd and noisy blips from his keyboard create something totally insane. ‘Green’ and ‘Pink (trash bag helmet)’ seem influenced by cheap ‘shoot’em’ up videogames and The Beastie Boys at once. Some songs seem to be awkward mixes of the rhythm section and babies playing with musical toys.

            Do rabbits wonder ? I bet Bugs Bunny doesn’t but he was one hell of a rabbit, wasn’t he ?

Energy. A lot of energy. Tracks such as ‘Orange’ and ‘Purple’ throw down a terrific groove. They might push you into jumping in the moshpit…

            Do rabbits wonder ? Have you ever heard of the rabbit’s punch ? ‘This is a good day to die’ as Whirlwind Heat singer puts it…. A Good Day to die. Did the recently deceased Sam Phillips and Johnny Cash (RIP) think of that ? Maybe. The world is insane. Did you know Johnny Rotten offered to play a charity gig in Bagdad to aid the unlucky population of Irak ? How punk ! His wrinkled skin would scare both people of Irak and GIs…

The remainder of this review has been lost because of bad floppy disk handling but you already got the point. I might have lost an awful pun concerning rabbits caught in the headlights or pulling rabbits from a hat though…

-Blacklisted ‘Colourblind’ Igor

/dec 1st 2003/