The Lion and the Witch ep
/interscope; 2002/

rating : 2.5



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They did it : after 10 years of existence, three bass players and four albums, Weezer finally released something with a nice cover. Too bad it sucks. 

This is a live ep recorded during their recent Maladroit tour. And it sucks, big time. I don't know if Weezer ever was a good live band, but this ep is a proof that their live performances nowadays are far from being exciting, and even farther from being worthy of recording and release.

I remember a time when my little brother didn't like Weezer. Maladroit is funny, especially when it's not meant to. Weezer are mainstream now. They're opening for Guns 'n Roses. Even the rants are not funny. I feel like hitting Rivers Cuomo on the head with a very hard thing. The last good song he wrote was on Pinkerton and he thinks he's the greatest songwriter ever. Yes, Hash Pipe was funny, but it can't compare. And the things won't get better. Weezer sell a lot of albums and plan on releasing one every year, the fanbase just keeps on growing, despite the poor performances and albums. Unstoppable. I just wonder how bad they're going to end.

The funny thing about this ep is that Weezer are trying to be indie. This ep was limited (!) to 25.000 copies and only sold in "indie" music stores. Someone should tell them that it's not the place where the music is available that makes it indie or not. The end of this ep is simply pathetic. Cuomo forgets the lyrics half way through El Scorcho and new bass player with tatoos (what a rebel !) doesn't know the backing vocals to Holiday. 2punk4u. This just makes me like Blink 182 even more. At least they are funny. The songs sound so bad it's scary. What's the point of releasing a live ep if the songs sound like they're played by a cover band ? I take that back. A cover band would probably play them better. 


/oct  15th 2002/