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A couple of years ago, when I was younger and still attractive, I used to listen to Weezer's albums thinking "wow these guys sure sound like they're having a lot of fun." Actually they were not, Rivers Cuomo being as close to the biggest rock'n'roll loser ever as can be. Anyway, Weezer are cool, aren't they ? 

I like the previous album, I mean, "Photograph" kicks ass, and so does "Hash Pipe."  It is far from being as good as the two first albums but I like it anyway, I'm easily pleased I guess. Being the geek that I am I discovered Weezer's fourth album, Maladroit, online. The band's website was flooded with demos, like, five or four songs a day. And I liked some and hated others, but i somehow got used to the ones i hated, so in the end i ended up liking all the songs, for the same reason people enjoy Britney Spears songs i guess. For instance I used to think that "Take Control" was shit and now it's probably my favourite song on the album. I mean, there's a killer chorus (and i woooon't let you doooooown drag your naaaaaame all over toooooown and I won't be coming baaack 'round here no moooore) and it makes up for the stupid 80ish solo. 

Let's talk about solos now. On the first and third albums solo were just basically the melody of the verses. On Pinkerton it was more crazy and fun solos. Here it is hard fm solos, involving tapping at some points. And palm muting. So. I'm getting lost here. yes. I liked a lot of demos and most of these aren't on Maladroit. I mean, go download "Living without You" on their website. I think it's going to end up on the UK version of the album. Such a waste. I mean, these people listen to Kylie Minogue. Anyway. "Living without You" is one of the best post-Pinkerton Weezer songs I've heard. They've wasted some songs that used to be oh-so great too. "Slave," for example, used to be my favourite (along with "Living without You") but they decided to put an intro after the fade-in. Such a shame. It used to kick right in "love barely alive in your arms, slaaaaaaave." I might sound like I don't enjoy this album. I do. It's the pop sensibility inside of me fighting with the neurotic indie credibility-seeking sensibility. 

So I guess I have to start talking about the album now. It is filled with hard fm metal riffs. It starts with a song named "American Gigolo" which is kinda cool, as far as song titles are concerned. It's not that great. Then "Dope Nose" kicks in. It sounds like that : "oooohoho oh oh oooohoho oh oh oooooohoho oh oh oooooh" it is a killer single with guitar averdubs sounding so 80ish they're fun. The guitar overdubs in Maladroit are almost as funny as the solos (but they can't really compete) "ooooooooooh this dope knows". This is great air guitar material. The next one "Keep Fishin" is just good. It used ot be one of my faves but i guess i've grown bored of it. "Take Control" kicks major ass. It's the heaviest thing they've done and it's really fun, and like i said before, the chorus is awesome. And there's flanger in it, at some point. "Death & Destruction" speaks for itself I guess. Unbelievable guitar overdubs on this one. They added "Slob" on the album because fans asked for it. This song is cool, it is darker than most of the stuff Weezer have released so far ("get yourself a wife get yourself a job you're living a dream don't you be a slob.") "Burndt Jamb" is "chill-out" as we say in France. With "tu-tu-tu-tuuuut" background vocals. and a solo. Makes me think of "Island in the Sun." The next song is named "Space Rock." No kidding. Just imagine what a song named "Space Rock" can sound like. "Slave," despite the stupid intro, is great. It moved me, once. "whooooooo put on your heart ? 'cause i can't chaaaaaange no-oh-oh" The guitar overdubs are really great on this one and the solo is surprisingly discreet. "Fall Together" starts like one of these Run DMC/Aerosmith thingies. The chorus is great anyway. "Possibilities" is cool. Great background vocals. Punk rock tempo. And it lasts 2 minutes and one second. "Love Explosion" doesn't sound that good when it starts but the chorus and the solo are awesome. Especially the solo. "December" is ok. it's a good closer. 

Maladroit is good i guess it could have been better, but it's really enjoyable if you succeed in not thinking about the Blue album and Pinkerton during the listening. One last thing. In too many interviews i've heard Cuomo complain about his not getting chicks. I'm not sure that growing a beard was the best thing he could have done to change that.

-Barbara H.