Your Ideas Keep Me Alive
/self-released; 2002/

rating : 7
(it’s awkward to give a 6 tracks ep a note because I like this one but cannot honestly give it the same note I would have given to a full length album of the kind )



more info:

I don’t think France will ever be associated to indie music and as far as I am concerned I must admit I am not seriously in touch with local indie music activities. Weakids come from the south east of France and play some “pop rock music stained by irony and anguish” as they say, but don’t let yourself be disgusted at the sight of the word pop, it means nothing and everything today. 

As a matter of fact, it is possible to divide this EP in 2 parts, the first 3 tracks altogether appeared first on compilations released in 2001 and 2002 while the 3 other tracks were recorded in 2000. The first tracks are the longest ( 6 minutes or so for each) but I am not surprised with that, it’s natural evolution. 

Gipsy eyes opens on a rather agreeable pop riff while the singer’s voice reminds me of a mix between David Bowie and Bryan Molko but I don’t mean that as an insult because he is not mimicking any of them. The song is divided into 2 parts, one real pop rock and the other with a more post rock spirit which echoes Mogway and Karate. Inside is yet again preoccupied with melodies and frame of mind, the arrangements never saturates the basis of the song which flood through your mind slowly but passionately. One can find another example of inner duality in The other side of life where verse and chorus oppose themselves genuinely while the unexpected final part must offer an exquisite experience to both the band and the audience during their concerts. Leaving the weak behind would have been my favourite only if the overdriven guitar had sounded better, the latter literally spoils the end of the song. This last song makes me realize that the singer has a pleasant voice, uncommon among the usual dullness of amateurs. Still I know is quite an “easy one” regarding the rest of the EP. The duet part with the unknown Johanna reminds me of Said Sadly by James Iha and Nina Gordon, not so bad after all. Eventually, Twisted light leads us further down this hi / low depression spiral ; the simple but yet catchy quality of the verses is counterbalanced (never overthrown) by the melodic noise aggression of the chorus. I only have one of Karate’s albums but this song definitely inscribes itself in the same kind of pop/jazz/calm/free/noise mood which is basically a pleasing experience. This one is my favourite ( and it is not a Pavement style song Mr Wood, you were wrong on that) 

An album was announced for the summer, we‘ll let you know about it soon I hope, in the meantime I advise you to contact them to order this impressively mature EP.

No conclusion, I am tired. 

Weakids will be playing in Marseille at Le Balthazar on November the 8th 

-Angus Anderson 

/oct 15th 2002/