Numero 3 7"
/limited addition; 2002/

rating : 7



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So. I've decided to "review" this live. This is my own rock-critic dogma. so. This 7" looks great. It's from the limited addition label, who copied chemikal underground's fukd I.D. idea: limited (here 500 copies) releases by different artists on a specified format (here 7") with the same art design all the time and a different number. They call their releases "numero". This is the third, so it's called Numero 3

The Warlocks are from California. They sound Californian (circa 1967). The two songs on the 7" are psych-pop tunes la Dandy Warhols. But they are a "jam" band, most of their album songs are 10+ minutes long. Baby Blue is pure sugar with cool drums, bells and guitars. I'm wasting my time with you/my baby, baby blue. It's nice, it sounds like a single, almost radio-friendly but i'm pretty sure i'll get tired of it really fast. 

*flips the 7"*

Diluaded is much better: slower, cuter. The chorus is really good. I like to ride the blue bus with her over and over again. Frigging hippies. Even if we can't hear it on these songs, they got two drummers. I just thought i'd say that. Picking a 7" for the first (last ?) live review was a good idea. It's short, I don't run out of words and I don't keep on saying the same things over and over again

Diluaded kicks ass, the 7" is cheap and it look great. and it may become valuable if the Warlocks become famous. who knows.  

-Barbara H

/dec 15th 2002/