Keith Fullerton Whitman 

/kranky; 2002/

rating : 8.5



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First of all, you may wonder : "what is a drone ?" 

In music, an accompanying constant tone or harmony, usually octave or fifth. It is a feature of many classical and folk traditions, and is produced by many instruments of folk music, including the Indian vina, bagpipes, and hurdy-gurdy. Drone effects in written music include the organ pedal point and the musette dance form. Among examples of drone in the concert repertoire are Wagner's overture to Das Rheingold/The Rhinegold and the mystery chord of Schoenberg's third orchestral piece Farben/Chord Colours from the Five Pieces for Orchestra (1909). -Hutchinson's encyclopedia


This is music I don't understand, I mean, I understand it but it's physical and not intellectual understanding. It makes me react, physically. I'm new to this. I got Stars of the Lid's Tired Sound of... about a year ago and I was amazed by how moving these simple-sounding, never-ending layers of sound could be. Like I said it's physical, you feel it in your stomach and in your throat. 

I really don't know what else to say. I could make up some sentence such as "this is music made out of dreams" but, well, this is music made out of a guitar ran through a computer. And it sounds alien and deeply human in the same time. I guess there are things you can't describe. I could write a technical file of what were the effects and algorithms used and so on but that would be pretty pointless. Just download feedback zwei and maybe you'll understand what I'm aching to say : this is great.


/nov 15th 2002/