This is Where I Belong : the Songs of Ray Davies and the Kinks

/ryko; 2002/

rating : 6




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The Fountains of Wayne's rendition of "Better Things" is good enough a reason to get this cd. Unfortunately enough for me it's not the only one. Here's an exhaustive list of the people who sing Kinks songs in this tribute cd. Jonathan Richman covered "Stop Your Sobbing," which sounds just like any other Jonathan Richman song, you choose whether it's cool or not. Queens of the Stone Age covered "Who'll be the Next in Line" in an unsurprising stoner fashion (it's cool.) Lambchop covered "Art Lover" and made it sound very disturbing. Well, the song was already disturbing, it being about watching little girls play in the park on sunday afternoons, featuring a "Come to Daddy" chorus. Bill Lloyd and Tommy Womack covered "Picture Book" and it sounds fun in an adult-FM kind of way. The Minus 5 faithfully covered "Get Back in Line" and Yo La Tengo's "Fancy" sounds like it's one of their sleepy-dreamy songs. On the whole and despite some obvious american bands covers this tribute cd, supervised by Ray Davies himself is quite enjoyable.

-Barbara H.