Various Artists 
Split Series 9-16
/fat cat; 2004/



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A welcome compilation on CD of FatCat's "commercially disastrous" split 12 inch single series - God, it's great when people are inspired by something other than money. As you might expect, it's quite varied but also compatible at the same time. It'll give you some indication of how unusual it is when I say that Matmos, Fennesz and David Grubbs sound "indie mainstream" by comparison with (for example) Alejandra and Aeron and QT?

There's a lot to like here which is refreshing to listen to after the more predictable pleasures of other kinds of music. Avey Tare's "Crumbling Land" is very short but very catchy - you'll find yourself singing "Feelin' like a werewolf" without realizing what you're doing (scary) - other tracks that appeal are Process's "Popbeat" (dance music for the seratonin-challenged post-E generation) and Alejandra and Aeron's "Kitchen" which is, well, a woman singing a kind of nursery rhyme (in Spanish?) to the sound of frying. Believe it or not, I've found myself humming this in the company of other people. (Not recommended at job interviews.)

There are harsh but tuneful electronics (Duplo_Remote and Christoph de Babalon) alongside good tracks by Main, Com.A, Motion and Dat Politics. FatCat deserve your support because they're prepared to do something new without the usual commercial considerations - and that's not very common these days. But the main reason they deserve support is because they also provide some fucking good music which will enhance your life.

-Andrew Russell

mar 1st 2004/