Seasonal Greetings
/mobilé; 2002/

rating : 5



I put high hopes in this. I kinda like Christmas songs, not the traditional ones, the ones that sound Christmas-ish. XFM/Jeepster's 2000 It's a Cool Cool Christmas compilation was fabulous. So, This one is disappointing. Reason one : good bands and so-so songs. Reason two : The songs by Low, Saint Etienne, Badly Drawn Boy and Hood have already been released before. Reason three : the songs by all the German IDM bands are just not that great. 

There are a few good things though : Morgan Kaney & Kamal Joory's Darling, which really sounds like Christmas, the Komeit song is unsurprisingly nice, even though it's instrumental, Erlend Øye's cover of Wham's Last Christmas is cute, the original wasn't that bad really. Now the bad parts : Opiate's track sounds like the soundtrack to a super nintendo Role-Playing Game, Future 3's It's that Time Again just doesn't sound like Christmas, and the Domotic and Hermann & Kleine songs are tasteless. Even Múm's Nóttin Var Svo Ágæt Ein is disappointing.

I'm not a big Badly Drawn Boy fan but Donna and Blitzen is probably the best song on this compilation, Saint Etienne's My Christmas Prayer is gorgeous and Hood's Winter Will Set You Back is impressive, I love Hood for the mix of harsh coldness and cozy warmth and you can find this mix in the song. 

You don't need this, especially if you already have the songs by Badly Drawn Boy, Hood and Saint Etienne. 


/dec 15th 2002/