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Effervescence Manifeste
/effervescence; 2003/



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Int. Rainy autumn day. SWd’s gloomy apartment. Messy living room. Many people come and go busily in the flat while Vincent MC sits in the sofa and talks nonsense, which is usual when he hangs out there. While Vincent MC’s staying lazily in the sofa. SEB enters, dragging his feet in his typical slack way, makes the ‘Effervescence Manifeste’ compilation spin in the cd player.

Vincent MC: What is it ??

SWd: It’s a compilation from an indie/experimental label based in Nantes, France. It's called "Effervescence." There are various unknown bands coming from various backgrounds so it won’t the same kind of music all the time.

Vincent MC: mmh (gazing at the ceiling). What’s the name of the first band ??

SWd: This Melodramatic Sauna. Nice band name, uh ?

Vincent MC: Yep but when I’m in a sauna I’m not melodramatic. And if there’s a girl in there with me, I’m telling you…

SWd (interrupting him): No you’re not telling me, you effeminate little jerk. Listen to this fragile piece of music instead. It’s quite emotional as the name let me suggest it. The guy’s accent is the weak point but then, it conveys some sort of appealing fragility. Folk delicacy…

Vincent MC: Yep, delicacy. That’s the word. I was so delicate with this girl last night that it didn’t take her a long time to ask for more…

SWd: ok. You’ve won. I’m paying attention to you. So what happened ??

Vincent MC: This hot girl came up to me and talked me into going to another pub. So I said ok if you intend to buy me a drink. She agreed so I went away with her.

SWd (pressing the ‘repeat’ button): And you talked to her all night long.

Vincent MC (ill-at-ease, laughing and fumbling with a plectrum): hmm, no we went to this bar. I carefully avoided Dave Rebel, Humphrey Maurice and Angus. Then we went to another bar and she fell down because of her high heels and we decided to go to my place because I had bandages…

SWd waits for the end of the story

…and condoms.

Barbara H enters the room while Dave is calling SEB. SEB leaves the room. Horace de Tupolev carries a chair to the kitchen.

BH (to Vincent MC): don't you have an apartment of your own ?

Vincent MC (shocked by such a greeting): errr, yes, but...

BH: you don't need to tell me, you spent the night drinking, maybe you discussed with a girl at some point and then the late night activities included either watching Lord of the Rings or masturbating in front of zoophilia.

Vincent MC (blushing): errrr...

BH: it's ok I forgive your mistakes (listening to the music) hey, this is nice, "Modul" uh ?

Vincent MC: can't hear the bass

BH: sometimes it's better that way. so, really, what did you do yesterday ?

Vincent MC (relieved, but still uncomfortable): well there was this show, you know, I played in with my metal band, in the countryside, and we opened for Indochine and...

BH (reading the cd's liner notes): Motenai?? more like boring-nai!

Dave Rebel passes through the room, high fives Barbara and goes to the bathroom.

BH: The Belone song is better, electro-folkish, reminds me of that German band Komeit. You've heard of Komeit, haven't you?

Vincent MC: Yeah I know their drummer, and I was in the band for two weeks you know, they were hardcore at the time, I think my playing has influenced their sound quite a bit. We opened for Scorpions once in the heydays of hard rock…

BH (shuffling through one of Humphrey Maurice's magazines): oh my god, can you believe how bad Morrissey looks nowadays??

Vincent MC falls into jaded catatonia, Humphrey Maurice enters the room, drunk.

BH: hey Humphrey, how are you ?

Humphrey: PUSSY!

BH: nice to see you too my dear. (checking her purse) damn, I forgot my cigarettes at Lady Ladybug's apartment. I'll be right back.

Barbara leaves, Horace de Tupolev carries a chair from the kitchen to Dave's room, Humphrey Maurice burps loudly and laughs, SEB WOOd goes to his room and Dave Rebel comes back from the bathroom.

Dave R.: Still hanging around on my sofa, huh?

Vincent MC: Since I’ve been having my flat, I keep on visiting my friends and…

Dave R.: Well, the word “visiting” conveys the idea that from times to times, you go back to your own flat, so I’m not sure “visiting” is the right word. By the way, I think it’s time to change the stereo, there must be a problem with it.

Vincent MC: I think the stereo is ok, we are listening to a band called Stuntman5.

Dave R.: Crap name for crap music, at least there’s a kind of logic in what they do. I’ve heard you’re in love…

Vincent MC: I was wondering how long it would take you to speak about it. She just offered to pay for some drinks, and as I am a bit broke these days, I accepted.

Dave R.: And the reward was to kiss her. That’s prostitution you whore!! (realizing the song is not finished yet) My God, I wonder if these guys do it on purpose, they must have had some kind of problem in their childhood and they want to make everybody pay. It’s a shame to play such terrible music in 2003, considering all the new technologies that can turn a baby into a Mozart.

Vincent MC: You’re right. With my own band, we use a lot of different stuff to create our own sound, and when we went to record our album in L.A., everything was almost over before we even started to record, our producer Bob Rock had nearly nothing to do.

Dave R.: Sometimes I wonder if you are really like us… I can’t bear to listen to that shit anymore, I’m gonna wash my ears with a good black metal band. See you in hell, gay.

Vincent MC: Yeah yeah…

Dave R. goes back to his bedroom and SEB WOOd is back in the lounge while satanic guitar riffs can be heard through Dave R.’s bedroom door.

SWd: So MC, Barbara tells me you found yourself a girl ??

Vincent MC: Yes, she’s the one you saw last Tuesday.

SWd: The one to whom you said ‘if you want some dick tonight you’ll get some"?? This girl ??

Vincent MC (a bit embarrassed): mmh yeah but…

SWd: Oh shh, I like this song. It sounds like instrumental emo math-rock from Chicago. The group has got an Euskadi-like name. Let me look at the booklet… Ollissipona…

Vincent MC: I was only doing that because I wanted her to buy me a drink…

SWd: Shut the fuck up. Please… Listen, it’s ripe with tension… repetitive but really appealing…

Vincent MC (after a while with a hushed voice): the problem is that I didn’t realize immediately that she was fat…

SWd: The song’s already over. I’ll listen to it alone anyway. And are you getting on well with this girl ??

Vincent MC: Yeah we were but she just dumped me because I was too serious she said.

SWd bursts out of laughing. Vincent MC looks for something in his backpack…

SWd (calming down): Oh please, try to remain silent for 3 minutes. This song is one of my favourite on this cd. Apparently they are just two girls. They are called MANSFIELD TYA.

Vincent MC (still looking for something in his backpack): Girls, uh ?? Why do they bother ?? They should cook, wash the dishes and make babies…

SWd: Shh, it’s not because someone tells you you’re too serious that you should overact. Listen to this song. Seriously! They are two girls. Only acoustic guitar and violin. The singer is named Julia. She has a beautiful voice. Raspy and on the verge of tearing apart. It reminds me of Cat Power’s voice and of The Delgados’ singer (circa Domestiques). So can you remain silent for the next 3 minutes please ??

Vincent MC: mmh, yeah. (he starts to watch his clock and 3 minutes later says) Time’s up!

SWd: You couldn’t wait for the song to end you midget fucker! It lasts 3’11… Did you just look at your watch ??

Vincent MC (still looking for something in his bag): No. I listened. It’s a good song.

SWd: Sure it’s nice. Fragile and weary.

Vincent MC’s bag spills out because of his clumsiness. A hair-straightener box lands on the floor.

SWd: What are you doing with a hair-straightener ??

Vincent MC (puzzled but trying hard to remain self-assured): Nevermind, it’s for my bass…

SWd bursts out of laughing and goes to his bedroom because the next song sounds like Steve Reich playing the harpsichord and he likes neither contemporary music nor harpsichords. Barbara enters.

BH: God! Lady Ladybug wasn’t joking when she told me her new stuff was strong. Woooh. (listening to the music) Who bought the Lord of the Rings soundtrack ?

Vincent MC: well, I did, but that’s not what’s playing right now. It’s called Perceval.

BH: It makes me feel dizzy. I really hate harpsichords and it sounds like there’s a whole army of them in there. Die, shitty instruments! (skips) uh, now that’s original, the band cut the first two measures of a Slowdive song and played them in loop. Morr music bands have done this before, you (Arsenal’s 1 minute and 20 second track ends) …uh? ok, nevermind. I can’t really judge something this short. (dramatic pause) Is that a hair straightener?

Vincent MC: it’s Humphrey’s.

BH: I didn’t know Humphrey had curly hair, but I guess that’s the point. I’m gonna buy some Coke. Be right back.

Barbara leaves, wondering what Humphrey would look like with an afro.

SWd comes in again while track 10 starts.

SWd: Oh! this is my second favourite song on the album. Each time I come in there’s a song I like. How convenient! I wish it could be like this all the time…

Vincent MC: Why don’t you carry a cd player all the time?

SWd: ‘cos when you go to a party and you listen to your cd player all the time I’m afraid people take you for a social freak. And don’t tell me to get small speakers… You’d better listen to this song. The band is called SEYMOUR. They play a sort of great emo-noise in which guitar lines are greatly entwined. It reminds me of June of 44 and Slint in the infuriated moments, not as dark and threatening though.

Vincent MC: The singer’s voice is familiar…

SWd: Yeah, on the quiet melancholy parts he sounds like Purr’s singer…

Vincent MC: mmh… Blue purr ??

SWd: I won’t even answer. Go play with your Playstation or go to India or pick some 18 years-old girl or whatever…

SWd puts the headphones on to listen to the song while Vincent MC discreetly puts his hair-straightener in his bag. A bit later, Barbara comes back. SWd takes the headphones off.

SWd: Barb’ you should listen to the next song. Do you know that Vincent MC has got a hair-straightener ??

BH (puzzled) : I thought it was Humphrey’s. (Barb drinks down some coke and pauses) …it doesn’t really matter anyway. Somethings sound more shameful for boys than they do for girls.

Vincent MC: thank you.

Barbara H: you’re welcome, honeybunny. This is not bad at all. I mean, the music. Your new girlfriend… she’s still your girlfriend right ?

Vincent MC: uh, it depends on which one you’re talking about.

Barbara H: the stupid one. I liked the fat one better but I’ve heard you were not serious enough for her. I think lowering the target audience’s age was a smart move but then again I think you went a bit too far.  Anyway…. Oh yes. This song, by Belikomi, is nice. Easily the most ambitious thing I’ve heard on this cd so far. Electro pop that sounds darker and more inspired than your usual Morr music release. Ok Suitcase’s cut & pasted glitch stuff actually sounds good and not too pretentious. Nothing spectacular, but still it sounds good, bits of keyboards, bits of field recordings, nice.

Vincent MC (hurt): you really think she’s stupid ?

BH: well she did sound stupid when I met her. But you know her better than I do. I didn’t have the pleasure to talk with her all night long.

SEB fell asleep during the past two IDM tracks and missed this pretty interesting piece of conversation.
Barbara leaves quietly to Dave’s room, leaving SEB with Vincent, alone and vulnerable.

Vincent MC decides to take revenge, quietly laughs in an evil manner, takes the hair straightener out of his bag, directs it in the direction of SEB’s hair, plugs it and electrocutes himself. The noise wakes SEB WOOd up and the electricity is cut down in the flat as Room 204’s "Firebass" starts (the stereo is battery-powered).  

Vincent MC stands still waiting for someone to switch the lights on again, he listens to Room 204 and shyly utters that the music is good.

SWd: Yes it’s good. That’s a good example of emo-math rock post rock whose spirit is close to the Chicago scene. The album is good too…

Vincent MC (shyly interrupting): ok, could you uh, put the light back on ? Please ?

SWd (going on with his explanations): The main difference is that there is no bass on the album but the tracks alternate delicate crystal-clear arpeggios with staccato overdriven riffs in a similar way.

Vincent MC: ok, uh could you…

SWd: Shut up. It’s great to listen to it in the dark…

Vincent MC: ok, uh but..

SWd: What’s the problem ?? Are you afraid of the dark ??

Vincent MC: No, it’s just that uh, it prevents me from thinking…

SWd laughs, goes away and leaves Vincent MC alone, quavering in the dark. He manages to quickly change the fuses that had just blown because he used to watch dully Tom ‘Toolman’ Taylor on Saturday morning when he was a teenager…

Vincent MC is relieved. Barbara and Dave enter the living room while SEB puts his leather jacket on and goes away.

BH: off he goes. Such a shady guy.

Dave Rebel: he’s slim, too

BH bursts out laughing, high fives Dave Rebel and notices Vincent MC’s electrified haircut.

BH: now may be an appropriate time to use that hair straightener sweetheart.

Vincent MC: I think it’s broken…

Dave Rebel: more like Vincent MC5!!

BH (recovering from violent laughter): please stop, you’re killing me.

Dave Rebel (holding a hurt hand after a violent but legitimate high five assault): ok Barbara, take it easy. I have to get ready, got an appointment in half an hour at the PV bar with a nice Asian girl.

BH: well, I hope she shows up this time!

Vincent MC laughs, Dave Rebel sighs and goes back to his room. Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” can be heard through the door. 

BH: sometimes I don’t understand him. He would hate this track by MELt, yet he listens to Queen. It sounds very good, IDM you can’t dance to…

Vincent MC: IDM ?

BH: intelligent dance music

Vincent MC: oh.

BH: yes, it took me hours of research to find out what it stood for, so I feel like I’ve earned the right to use the acronym. MELt’s “Cannot Remember When You Loved Me” sounds nice, dreamy yet quite melancholic, close to Múm’s music, but without the twin angels’ voices or the wooden experimentation.The next tracks starts where MELt’s track has ended, in a dark fog. Audiopixel is a stupid geek name but his contribution to this compilation is quite affecting, tight and worrying.   

Vincent MC: it reminds me, I’m a bit worried you see, I think that the electric shock has damaged my memory, I can’t remember the face of my girlfriend, everything is blurry.

BH: great flow! that’s because you have two of them. Maybe your overly moral subcouscious thought that you ought to have only one girl. And as a result, he melted the two of them into what is probably a fat and stupid 19 years old girl.

Vincent MC: uh ?

BH: nothing. I’ve watched episodes 8 and 9 of the third season of Alias with Angus this afternoon, so I may still be under the influence. That guy Vaughn is really cute. 

Vincent MC: yeah I think so too.

BH (listening to the music): uh? sorry, you were saying ?

Vincent MC: nothing

BH: This track by draftank, titled “Zaj 1.0” goes further into electronic territory but really fails to impress. The Pelforte song sounds better, probably one of the best tracks I’ve listened to here today. There’s a quiet, post rockish guitar riff and blips added on top of it, quite delicately crafted. Colegram’s “…Or Not” is quite good, it starts with foggy drones and then the beats kick in and succeed in holding the track together while still allowing extra space for experimentation. And I think it is possible to dance to it.

Horace de Tupolev enters the room in an expensive italian black suit, does a couple of stunning moves and goes to the bathroom.

BH: don’t you think he’s changed a bit since he left to Paris ?

Vincent MC: well he's always had the rhythm under his skin, just like I do. We’re a very tight rhythmic section you know…

BH: yeah, I’ve heard stories I wasn’t really dying to hear…

Angus Anderson enters magnificiently in the apartment with the effect of shutting down the music.

BH: There you are at last. SEB told me to watch after the kid, can you replace me for a bit while I go get some chocolate ? I’ll buy you candy.

Angus: Please don’t offer me anything, cos you know I am trying to watch my calory in-take.  Or maybe... yeah I know: can you buy me a Pepsi but half diet and half regular, plus French fries with lots of  mayonnaise but no salt cos you know I wanna check myself. (he goes through his purse) I don’t have change so I’ll pay for cinema tomorrow, OK?

BH: No problem, great, I’ll be right back. Bye!

Barbara leaves.

For a moment, the silence in the apartment is upstriking, almost frightening cos unreal in this place of concrete action-reaction buzzing. Vincent MC feels dizzy and then clumsily grasps a cigarette. He throws one to Angus.

Angus: Thanks. So how are you? I’ve heard stories…

Vincent MC : Last night I went to San Pedro.

Angus: What?

Vincent MC: Well let me tell you about this book I’ve read. The guy, I think he is Italian or something of the kind, I mean third world you know. So this guy, Rambaldi wrote that the best therapy for sex criminals was music. Not only the listening, also the practice of it. I said to myself: well that’s quite interesting but I can’t have my 2000 dollars Jazzmaster bass guitar with me all the time. So I distorted his theory and quote excerpts from songs when I feel bad or strange. Music makes the people come together…

Angus : If you say so. Let’s try. Is there a CD around?

Vincent MC pushes the play button and reaches track 19, not really in the mood for listening to the whole cd again.

Vincent MC (going through the liner notes): This is called "Violeta" by The Patriotic Sunday.

Angus : It’s good, isn’t it? Some kind of seventies reminiscence, makes me think of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Still I don’t really see your point about this soothing your appetite for perversion.

Vincent MC: There is no exact science, lest the girl has big tits and no bra. Next song is by Domotic, the title is in French I can’t read.

Angus: It sounds like Cubase stuff. It’s a pity the CD closes on this, yet I don’t know the rest. Can you sum it up for me? Because I am sure Barbara and SEB will talk about it later, and I want to be able to understand something.

Vincent MC: Well I cannot really tell, I arrived just before you did.

Angus (silent for a while) : I got to pee, still my urethra problems.

Angus motions himself towards the toilets and Vincent MC looks up at the ceiling. He feels like he is alone in the apartment now, unable to move or unable to remenber that he's got tickets for the Metallica concert tonight. At last, he gathers his stuff and prepares for leaving, hoping for one of the doors to open. None of the inhabitants of the place can be heard doing anything. Vincent MC gets out of the apartment.


-SEB WOOd, Barbara H, Dave Rebel and Angus Anderson. 

Any similarity with any person, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

/jan 15th 2004/