The Twilight Singers
Blackberry Belle
/one little indian; 2003/




more info:

I don't know if it's euphoria, but i can't help but really enjoy listening to this. Twilight Singers is a side project that blossomed into something bigger after the demise of Afghan Whigs. Greg Dulli's new band if you like. Except that it's not really "new" anymore, Blackberry Belle being their sophomore album, and it's not really a band as well since the line up constantly changes around Dulli.

"Black out the windows/ It's party time"

it sounds dark and warm, a bit like the cover art actually. Dulli's voice is still impressive and apart from a few misteps, most of the songs are hauntingly gorgeous. "Teenage Wristband" is a hell of a song, catchy as fuck and really unstoppable. And there's the voice, warm like a thousand summer nights, singing dark radio anthems. "The Killer" features another killer chorus, just like the bass-driven "Decatur St." Most of the songs are incredibly efficient. There's "Martin Eden", an impressive opener, "Follow You Down," a cute acoustic duet and "N9", an incredible closer sung by Mark "my voice makes you want to fuck me" Lanegan. 

This is what I want to party to right now. Desperate and romantic, a mainstream oddity, entertaining and sincere in the same time.  

-Barbara H

/nov 15th 2003/