Tilly & the Wall
Wild Like Children
/team love; 2004/

more info:

Tilly and the Wall sound a lot like a new generation of indie pop lovers who have fun playing and writing songs. A bit like younger k records artists. Wild like Children is a fun ride, through teenage kisses, crushes, tough love, tu-tu-tu-tus and tap dance.

That's right. it may sound like a gimmick to some people, but to me it's just disarming. the idea is really funny, turning tap dancing into something useful. Now don't you even think of sending hate mail to me, i respect tap dancers and the whole tap dancing industry, it's just that it makes a lot of noise and doesn't really look or sound that good to me. That's something to work on, drummers are hard to find and usually quite weird/annoying, let's replace them by tap dancers. Maybe that will avoid having to deal with morons in bands. Besides, the show's much funnier to attend. and there's no way a drum solo can compete with a tap dance solo (try to imagine that).

Tilly and the wall are 5 incredibly good looking youngsters, 3 girls, 2 boys singing and playing and tap dancing (in case i didn't make that clear in the first place). They write great songs, innocent and charming, indie pop at his best, about being young and sleeping in cars and dating etc. Normal healthy stuff. It's nice to listen to that kind of songs for a change. I do realize i'm miles away from this right now but still, it's comforting to reminisce.

-Barbara H

/sept 15th 2004/