Thee Stranded Horse
Thee Stranded Horse 7"
/clapping music; 2005/


Thee Stranded Horse is one guy with african guitars named "choras", self-made guitars used as harps and played simultaneously live. It sounds complicated on paper and lovely on record. This is Yann Encre's first release as Thee Stranded Horse, and i'm looking forwards hearing more of him, as this 7" sounds really promising. With a voice standing halfway between Joanna Newsom ("So Goes the Pulse") and the Herman Dune brothers ("Fiend Over Your Knees") with bits of Buck65 ( "Sharpened Suede"), his music has a classic, dramatic feeling, and sounds more humble than most of the folk records you've heard this year. Needless to say, i'm impressed.

-Barbara H

/july 1st 2005/