The Planet The
You Absorb My vision
/5rc; 2005/


The Planet The have gotten a lot better since their last release on the smaller indie label 54o40 or Fight!, Physical Angel. Now on the larger 5RC the band has developed their sound enough to deserve being on that roster-though my biggest complaint with them still remains. Their songs are still entirely too short, and interesting ideas are not developed enough (the CD is only twenty-two minutes). This is especially true when the band repeats the same chorus or a few weak melodies over and over again throughout the duration of the song. At some points things can get plain annoying. But there are some cool geek rock jams here. Fans of weirdo quirk rock will surely find enough to love.

“Please Don’t Kill Myself” (best song here) is pretty hilarious cause it’s funky in an odd way while the lyrics are about suicide and killing ones self. There’s a lot of misses of course and some songs, while beginning promisingly, become flat (“Wet Dust”). “Trapped Under a Ocean” begins like Here Come the Warm Jets era Eno but then quickly changes into a schizo dance thing (think Polysics). Actually, The Planet The are a lot like the Polysics, except less melodic and way less powerful. I guess if you love the Polysics for dancing and super bouncy J-pop melodies, The Planet The kind of have them beat in the awkward/weird department. If you really need some more schizo, off kilter alt rock then pick this up. But I recommend the superior Polysics or Die!!!!. It’s more fun.

 - Andrew Iliadis

/october 2005/