2 Many DJs 
As heard on Radio Soulwax pt. 2
/pias; 2002/

rating : 7




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Maybe you're tired of listening to Godspeed You Black Emperor or Sonic Youth. Maybe you feel like dancing. Maybe you want to look cool. Maybe you need something to help you get up in this gray month of September. Maybe you're tired of not enjoying yourself in clubs if you're not drunk. Or maybe you just need something to delay your suicide.

Nothing is sacred. I got this out of curiosity, I had heard of the bastard pops thing, mixing something with anything, like Christina Aguilera singing Genie in a Bottle on the Strokes' Hard to Explain or the Destiny's Child's Bootylicious on Nirvana's Smells like Teen Spirit (appropriately titled Smells like Booty). And suddenly dance music becomes enjoyable. The recipe is : take a well known song's instrumental part and paste pop song vocals on it. I know what you're thinking now "it may be fun for a couple of seconds but a whole album filled with that will end up being boring". And you're wrong. Again. It sounds like an all-star musical gangbang. Starring (among others) : The Velvet Underground & Peaches, the Stooges & Salt'n'Peppa, The Breeders & Skee Lo & the Cramps, Garbage & Felix Da Housecat, Polyester & Sly Stone, Destiny's Child & 10cc and Dolly Parton & Royksopp.

The first listening is like a gigantic blind test during which you can't help but laugh. Not a contempt-filled laugh. An I'm-enjoying-myself-and-i-want-more laugh. If you don't believe me just listen to the three first tracks at your local record store. You will end up dancing to it with a big smile on your face, whether you like it or not.


/sept 1st 2002/