Sum 41
/island; 2004/

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This is the second Sum 41 record I buy after All Killers No Fillers and maybe I am turning this into a kind of lost teenagehood behaviour addiction. Anyway, it’s stupid music for stupid people. Just to respect their youngster’s plainness, you feel obliged to bob your head, smile and air guitar when listening to ‘Chuck’. And this was proved by my weekend with Dave Rebel and the album. If you’re not convinced by my words, play it while torturing your playstation for hours at night, and you will see. The album is dedicated to a guy named Chuck Pelletier who saved their asses when war broke in Congo, but it could have been appropriately named ‘The Covers Record’. Hints to Metallica, System of A Down, Deftones, Linlin Park, Offspring and Oasis (yeah) melt into this enjoyable record. And it’s true that they worship most of these bands, they even covered Metallica’s ‘Battery’ and ‘Master of Puppets’ live before. Our local record shop dealer is known to have said that with Chuck “they have written their Master of Puppets”. Well it’s true as far as ‘The Bitter End’ and ‘88’ are concerned.  Most of the songs are basic Sum 41 catchy and anthem-ish potential hit singles, with the hints mentioned before. You will see by yourselves if you buy it or download it. The single ‘We’re all to blame’ is nothing but good.

It’s good to be 17 again

-Angus ‘do you wanna be a spaceman’ Anderson

/nov 1st 2004/