Spalding Rockwell
/defend; 2005/


Spalding Rockwell make super chic, modern fashion rock.  These girls are beautiful and dangerous (at least that’s how they look in their photos) and I’m sure if I was in their company I would be drinking along with them and shouting these songs and having a good time. Fortunately (unfortunately) I am in a boiling hot apartment, away for my university studies and am listening to this music on my computer. Looking around the room and hearing this blare out of my speakers makes me think of two things. One: I wish I was drinking with these girls cause then I wouldn’t be so lonely and Two: This music would better serve the first year Business students living over at res. This stuff has the potential to be fun and sexy and full of the dangerous rock and roll the band would like it to be if ‘fun’ is your first priority when listening to music. If not, stay the hell away for feeling even more lonely. They are hot…and play the guitar. Click on the link to see.

-Andrew Iliadis

/march 2006/