Sleater Kinney
The Woods
/sub pop; 2005/


Yeah, I know this album was actually released something like six months ago but it never made its way to my city. So maybe one of the members of the Only Angels staff already reviewed it. Internet sucks my cock, Biff Tannen says, I can jerk out now.

How is it that I am never disappointed by a Sleater Kinney album? Because it’s always the same melodic indie pop material? The Woods is their sixth album in the course of 10 years, first on Sub Pop. It’s pretty rare to listen to the "same" kind of songs over and over again without being disappointed in the end. Idiosyncrasy, SEB WOOd calls it. He’s probably right. The 13 minutes psychedelic song closing the album might prove this one is an endearing effort to explore new directions but I am not even sure of that. Vigorous anthems like The Fox and Entertain are still wisely counterbalanced by ballads like Modern Girl and Steep Air, following the pattern of the previous albums. The major change (a change for the best) is the fact that vocalists Carrie and Corin allow themselves to sing softy more often instead of the usual riot howling. A change that was initiated on the previous album One Beat. But on the other hand, vocals are really mixed behind the music, as if they had decided to soothe the agression carried by their larinx-s. A pity.

Strangely enough, I don’t listen to a lot of female vocalists but truly cherish the ones i listen to.

-Angus 'money talks, bullshit walks' Anderson

/october 2005/