John Southworth
Sedona Arizona

/water street; 2000/

rating : 6



more info :

John Southworth's Sedona Arizona  is filled with crazy lo-fi disco/pop songs and an innocent dreamy atmosphere (all love is good love). The album really starts with "Cute Girls Gay Guys" (two worlds but i got to decide who'll be the love of my life), a catchy tune, co-written with album producer Hawksley Workman. "Veto Valvolene" is probably the craziest, funniest song on the album and its follower, "Millionaires Everywhere," flooded in brass instruments, is a luxurious 70-ish diva song. Despite a nosy voice that can be sometimes annoying, John Southworth succeeds in making us feel like dancing like it's 1974 all over again. "To Never Confront the Ones you Love", my favourite, is a haunting song that will never get out of your head. You've been warned.

-Barbara H.