Red Hot Chili Peppers 
By the Way
/warner; 2002/

rating : 1




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I have always been a basic bloodsugarsexmagic fan, with its eclecticism (pop, funk, ballad, rock… = fusion). The problem is that this album has always been reduced to the only “Under the bridge” ever since and consequently I have been ghetto-ised. Poor me. 

One Hot Minute (1995) was excessive in every way, especially in terms of production and of wah-wah. Moreover, the album was stained with some kind of “generation hits syndrome” which disappointed me at first and then gradually disgusted me. Californication (1999) was another good attempt at mixing genres in a more pop atmosphere.

For me, By The Way is RHCP’s worst album up to date. There are only plain boring love pop songs on this pointlessly long album. There is no overdrive or imagination, but there is way too much irritating back vocals. I suppose that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are trying to become the perfect prom’ night band, now that they have decided to make music for the masses. Some may call this maturity, I call this a failure. It is impossible for me to point out one good song, except the eponymous single which is not so bad compared to the rest of this painful album.

Judge by yourself : listen first.

--Angus Anderson

/sept  1st 2002/