Radio 4

/city slang; 2002/

rating : 6



more info:

Before appearing in City Slang's rooster Radio 4 were signed on the Gern Blandsten label, home of the Liars. I have a copy of their debut album, mainly because of the amazing opening song on it. The rest of the album is far from being as great. When I got it it was nice because it didn't sound at all like all the music around. But now, about two years later, it's quite different. Gang of Four gets mentioned in every band bio and every new band sounds like a washed-down version of the Clash.

History repeats itself and this Radio 4 album, even if it features killer songs, gets old very fast. Our Town is one of my very favorite songs released this year, it's uplifting, danceable and really really good. It doesn't sound as bare as the former Radio 4 songs because even if the rhythmic section is central, there are keyboards filling the space when the guitar isn't played. There's a couple of other good songs, but the main problem is that they all sound alike. You can dance to it though. So far Radio 4 is what I call a "song band," they need to try to explore new territories, try to find new formulas and record a Saturday Night Fever for the new century.


/nov 15th 2002/