Masha Qrella
Unsolved Remained
/morr; 2005/


Strangely enough, Morr's previous release, the reissue of Andrew Kenny & Ben Gibbard's Home was probably the most surprising Morr record I had heard in a long time. It's one of these labels that get more attention than the bands themselves. It's the home of a distinct lukewarm electrosynth sound. It may be the label's sharpest sword, it happens to be two-edged; most of the time you know what you're going to hear.

Unsolved Remained is Masha Qrella's second record and it's alright. It does sound like a Morr record, but Masha Qrella happens to be one of the label's most impressive songwriters, forget about Lali Puna's political ramblings or The Go-Find's naive pop clichés. Here songs are delicately crafted, production is elegant even though sometimes a bit rigid, her voice is focused and never too detached. In the end you get a good record, a few inches above Morr's usual pop standards.

-Barbara H

/apr 1st 2005/