The Paper Chase
God Bless Your Black Heart
/kill rock stars; 2004/

more info:

The Paper Chase hail from Texas and they're basically their singer's medication against panic attacks. John Congleton is a troubled recording engineer who decided to form a band and put all his haunted feelings on tape.

God Bless your Black Heart is the darkest record i've heard in a while. It sounds rough, sharp, tight and brutal (in a delicate way, if this means anything), filled with dissonant melodies and haunted lyrics. Much more than a kick on the back of the neck, it is a disturbing trip through Congleton's psyche. The musical equivalent of a man threatening to cut his face with a rusty razor. Decaying strings upon drums angrier than Steve albini's (who thought this possible?), twisted guitar parts, a dead piano and a dying singer. The production is angular and impressively coherent, despite obvious complexity. Congleton's band keeps on pushing things further, sonically and melodically, finally giving a soul to math rock, painting the whole thing black and black red.

Let's check some song titles to illustrate my point: "One Day He Went Out for Milk and Never Came Home" (this one is really funny), "The Sinking Ship, The Grand Applause", "Abby, You're Going to Burn for What You've Done to Me" or "Dying with Decent Music."

This is the smartest disturbing record since The Downward Spiral.

-Barbara H

/oct 1st 2004/