The Postal Service

Give Up
/sub pop; 2003/

rating : 7.5



more info:

I just had a discussion about The Postal Service with a friend and he told me that he found it too sweet. I know that I've been excited then quickly bored by sugar coated pop albums. Because, as my friend said: "only a few bands succeed in making great pop albums without making you suffer from diabetes." I sincerely don't know if I will still listen to this album in two months but the fact that I've been listening to it for more than one month without growing bored is a good sign. It reminds me of the music from the Morr label, except a little more consistent. And sad. 

So. The Postal Service are : Jimmy Tamborello aka DNTEL and Ben Gibbard, the Death Cab for Cutie singer. The two had first collaborated on the gorgeous (This is) the Dream of Evan and Chan on DNTEL's Life is Full of Possibilities. They decided to go on making music together the same way they did with the DNTEL track : Tamborello sent the music to Gibbard who sang and sent back the tape. Through the US postal service, hence the band's name. 

Of course this is no Life is Full of Possibilities, since Give Up is basically the extension of one song off the DNTEL album. Despite the limited range Tamborello and Gibbard have succeeded in crafting ten sweet pop songs with sour lyrics, from the amazing opener The District Sleeps Alone Tonight, which features the classic line "I am finally seeing/why I was the one worth leaving" to the Chemical Brothers-esque closer Natural Anthem. Tamborello's music sounds modern without sounding contemporary and Gibbard's voice softly underlines the bitterness lurking inside. One of the first great pop albums of the year.  


/feb 15th 2003/