Please Mr. Gravedigger
Throw a Beat ep
/pluto; 2005/


Southern California’s Please Mr. Gravedigger have been garnering some attention as one of the areas key up and coming punk acts. Actually, the reason they’re being praised by various indie outfits is that their sound is a bit different than the typical hardcore that’s been coming out of that area the past few years. While retaining the genre’s requisite screams and crunchy guitars, Please Mr. Grave Digger aren’t afraid to toss in rollicking piano and boy girl harmonies.  Think a jangly 80’s post punk band meets Plot to Blow Up the Eiffel Tower and you’re somewhere close.

Speaking of The Plot, these guys have shared the stage with them, along with many of the scene’s other luminaries (the excellent These Arms Are Snakes and Blood Brothers among them). The reason I like Please Mr. Gravedigger more than just any other band in this genre is because they allow real melody into their songs where other hardcore bands would simply be content with thrashing around until their singer’s throat is torn to pieces. The five songs on this EP, while sometimes a bit repetitious, usually find a comfortable place within the realm of danceable hardcore.

-Andrew Iliadis

/march 2006/