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Novö is another cool band from Toulouse, France. They're two guys, I think they used to be more. anyway. They play what could be labeled as electro noisy-pop. Autechre-like electronic beats with synthetizers and/or guitars. The first song on this four song ep ("Trauma") made me think of Múm, (late) Björk and The Notwist, it is a delicate melodious song and the singer sings like Björk at some point and I've chosen that this was cool. The second song on the ep is my favourite, it is the noisier and the dirtier, with heavy, almost NIN-like beats and a furious guitar on the chorus. And on this song the singer sings like Dave Gahan and succeeds in sounding like Billy Corgan in the same time, though not all the time, and this is definitely cool. The next song, 'Dart', the only one sung in French, has bulldozer-like beats and the singer sings like Etienne Daho during the verse and screams like Trent Reznor during the chorus. This ep is very well produced and even if the last song ("document sonore") is not as good as the other three (it is built around movie samples and unfortunately the singer doesn't sing) it makes us look forward to Novö's next release. By the way, even if they're just two, Novö really rocks live, be sure to go see them if they play near you.

-Barbara H.