Prelude au Hasard
/cellar; 2005/


Nara is a Canadian band. Actually, I think that they come from Quebec. Sometimes it’s important to be plain and accurate.

This record, entitled Prélude au hasard, is not their first one. Lovely Barbara told me that she knew about them and maybe someone in Only Angels Have Wings’ team has already reviewed one of their record.

And that’s all I know about them. Oh no, I forgot something. Karim, the guy who played bass, also has another band called “International Al Congnen”. But if you want to check out and listen to this other project, you’ll probably have to get the last DPA Records’ compilation. And I would not do that. I don’t want to be connected to DPA Records in any kind of way. And yes Barbara, I am the greatest coward of us all. All apologies Angus, and kindest regards.

What do I know about post rock? Oh yes, Nara plays post rock, that’s why I am talking about it (was that sentence necessary?). Well I know nothing about post rock. Except that it usually deals with long songs with a kind of progressive intensity. And that the instruments are stressed and ther’s no singer (that may not be a rule).

So, Nara plays post rock and do it good. I did not found anything really surprising on this record. I know that this might sound like a harsh statement. I was not overwhelmed and I did not tell myself things like “What a guitar sound…they take me to another planet man…” (this sentence has to be pronounced with a slow paced voice).

But I like this record. Nara plays a good post rock. Nothing more, nothing less. And it’s good to know that some guys can handle this, Beyoncé.

-Horace de Tupolev

/october 2005/