Mt. Gigantic
Old Smiler
/friends and relatives; 2005/

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If you think post punk was fun, well, you're not alone anymore.

Old Smiler by Mt. Gigantic (from Arizona) sounds like a record GSL forgot to release, something in between forementionned Enon, The Unicorns, The Arcade Fire, Black Eyes, Animal Collective and post-punk acts like LIARS. It's wild and furious, the noise of five people and friends singing together for the chorus. it's also intrically fun, you can hear the band's enthusiasm, and that's always something nice to hear. Sometime's it's post punk like Devo, sometimes it's folk music with howling in it, sometimes you just don't understand what's happening."Bring Back the Healthy" is awesome. "Grandpa Plays The Drums" reminds me of something i just can't pin down, a Mercury Rev song maybe (but it doesn't sound like Mercury Rev at all). "Racchel and Her Children" sounds like Black Eyes force-feeding K Records artists with raw meat. the chorus is: "ALL I REALLY WANT IS SOME PRETTY HUMANS!"

There's soft singing, lound drums, soft guitars, screaming, everything is upside down yet still highly melodic and heavily enjoyable. 35 minutes of pure pleasure.

-Barbara H

/feb 1st 2005/