Mount Eerie
I Whale
/blue sanct; 2005/


This record is aesthetically, sonically, and conceptually amazing. BOOM!

The record is a baby blue 45RPM with a bigger hole in the middle for an adapter. It is only a one-song single, and the other side is a neat picture/blue print of a scene reminiscent of “Moby Dick.” Visually, this record is incredible. Phil’s handwriting adorns the side with the song and the sleeve-insert features big-bold letters and several titles for the song. Honestly, I was pretty worried about what this record would sound like. Anyone who got the “hardcore four-way split” on Stop Drop records or whatever was DEFINITELY disappointed with the Mount Eerie track. Who the hell thought Phil would recycle the music from a different song and put some humdrum lyrics on top of it? Not me! I wouldn’t have bought it! BUT, “I Whale” kicks ass.

The first thing I notice is the shuffle-ing guitar part. Fucking foot tapping, head-nodding awesomeness.  The verses feature generic, yet warming, chords switches and a story about whales and being out on the sea. Out of nowhere Phil’s Wife (Woelv) sings a quick sentence and is out of the picture. A second, guitar track comes in as Phil starts to hit perfect high notes. A DISTORTED guitar! That classic Microphones distortion. Then a second voice track comes in the doubles/harmonizes with the original higher track. The story ends and so does the song and so does this little review!

-Scott Moore

/march 2006/