Monster Movie
/graveface; 2005/

more info:

I'm studying Russian. A bit. It hasn't been that complicated so far. I know how to say '"hello", "I", "passport", "no" and "yes." It's funny but in retrospect i think i should have chosen Chinese, I really like the complaining sound in the language. So, there i am, repeating words over and over again and i stumble on this record i received a while ago. It's from the graveface label, well-known for making great cover designs for the records they release. The music is not bad either(!)

This time it's noisy/acoustic pop with longing synths and a girl singing in the distance! and it's an embossed golden russian etching on red paper, with something written under it, i've read it and even though i have no idea what it means it reads "iaz-tchieskiie piesni o lioubvi"!

It sounds a bit like Yo La Tengo which is great, and it's good too. "Chances Are High" and "Letting you Know" are cool noisy pop songs. "Left" is reminiscent of Low when they sound like they're Yo La Tengo playing a soft song. "Summer Is A-Coming" sounds halfway between Yo La Tengo and a less polished Air.

It's a really good mini album, definitely worth paying attention to.

-Barbara H

/feb 1st 2005/