C'mon Miracle
/k; 2004/



more info:

When Mirah played here a couple months ago, she gave me a toy whistle, telling me that it would turn anyone who blew it into a lesbian. i don't feel any different...


...but then again i should really do more than just complain. This is Mirah's 3rd solo release, and her best so far. It sounds like a grown up You Think It's like This but Really It's like This as well as a more focused Advisory Commitee. My favourite pocket-diva is back, her voice is lovelier than ever, she's in love and her songwriting skills are getting more and more impressive. Her delivery is always clever but flows naturally, Phil Elvrum's production is getting clearer and brighter through time, and charm just perspires throughout C'mon Miracle

Along the 35 minutes ride, we travel through desert landscapes ("Nobody Has to Stay"), stormy weather ("The Light") and South America ("The Dogs of Buenos Aires"), with Mirah holding our hand while we gaze at the passing images with a stunned look on the face. 

This is the best record K has released wince the Microphones' The Glow pt.2. If you like gorgeously touching, clever indie pop you will love Cmon Miracle.

-Barbara H

/may 1st 2004/