And the Glass Handed Kites
/sony; 2005/


Mew are a very special band. At first sight, they may not seem so special but, believe me, they are. And the glass handed kites is their new album and it´s the most produced one. Every second of the record has a lot of work behind it and this is the best and the worst thing about this album. It’s the best thing because you go through the songs like if you were on a roller-coaster. Songs are full of dramatic changes, noisy guitars, epic voices, complex drums…and all this is put together in a very pondered way. This complexity makes the album hard to listen to, though, I mean, you can end up with a headache if you listen to it pretty loud. But, honestly, it's worth the headache. Each song was worked on by the band for two months or so, and the whole album is very cohesive, without silences between most of the songs, it almost feels like you are listening to a 30 minutes song. The album was recorded in L.A. which scared me at first, (the possibility of the band going commercial?)…but it was a false alarm. The record sounds like if it was recorded in the deepest forest of Denmark, in the hardest winter: it’s pure Nordic.

Stina Nordenstam, friend of the band and one of their favourites artists, doesn’t sing in this record (she appeared on the album Frengers). This is a pity, because her voice fit very well with the band's sound. Anyway, the male guest voice in this album sounds great (specially in the song “why are you looking grave?”).

But the great great thing bout this record is all the things it evokes. First, musical memories: their sound is quite similar to My Bloody Valentine and, (and this is the best thing) to The Swearlies, a GREAT GREAT cult band formed in Boston. And other memories: there’s something in this record that makes you think about 80´s fantasy films and cartoons, like the Never-ending Story or Dungeons and Keepers, or Excalibur…whatever, but always fantasy memories from a time when you could dream of dragons and mythical creatures…That’s great.

And the glass handed kites is not as spontaneous and natural as their debut album "A triumph for a man," but the new sound is so rich that you wont miss their indie years. The worst thing about this record is how difficult it is to find it in stores…


/december 2005/