/self-released; 2001/

rating : 7 


more info :

I first discovered Melatonine during one of my insomnias spent surfing on the net in February 2001. I was really surprised by the track which I downloaded, by the quality of its composition. You could already feel that this band from Metz has good potential. Sometimes noisy, sometimes monolithic ("le modèle", "ec979") or stamped with discreet melancholy (jöla köttin", "la jetée"), Melatonine's first lp conveys great charm to which it's hard not to be appealed. Listening to "Copenhague", one might think of Aerial M or of others famous post-rock bands but fortunately the band did not lapse into plagiarism, unlike other bands... A genuine effort has been made to experiment and to look for new moods (there are wonderful interludes, the ending of "lanhap" for example). 

We are eager to listen to their next album.

-Gilles Delenbaum, quicky translated from French by SEB WOOd