The Mars Volta
Tremulant ep

/gsl; 2002/

rating : 7 


more info :

This is cool music. Brief bio : the two founding members of The Mars Volta, Cedric Bixler and Omar Rodriguez were part of At the Drive-In and since the other guys in At the Drive-In decided to do their own thing (they're called Sparta now, they've got an ep out on dreamworks records) they decided to do the same.

Even though it doesn't really sound like Jane's Addiction it reminds me of it. A West Coast band feat. a singer with a unique voice, a crazy guitarist and an astounding rhythmic section. And tons of reverb and effects on the voice too. Some people like it others don't. Anyway.

I was quite surprised and a little disappointed by this ep, I had heard some demos and live tracks a few months ago and some of the songs I heard then are really better than what they released on this ep. Nevertheless, "Cut that City" and "Eunuch Provocateur" are impressive almost prog-punk tracks. "Concertina" is the best song to be heard on this ep, through which The Mars Volta really impresses and almost makes us feel like stopping crying over ATDI's ashes.

-Barbara H