Dead Cities, Red Seas and Lost Ghosts

/gooom; 2003/




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It's just way too hot to write a review properly. I'm going to disappoint you once again, this will not be a great review and it probably won't even be funny. Deceit is what we girls were made for anyway. 

So, yeah. It's great. Modern yet familiar. Guitars all over the place, 80ish drum machine sounds I got used to surprisingly quickly, samples and ghostly voices. And great compositions.

M83's music is IDM with lots of guitar in it. But unlike most of the bands out here who have tried the "let's put some beats in our guitar-structured songs" trick M83 do much more than that. They don't work like a rock band using computers and samplers and yet they avoid sounding cold and dehumanized. As a result the album is thoroughly enjoyable on whichever level you feel like listening to it. It's everything a great record should be : deep, challenging and accessible.

-Barbara H

/june 15th 2003/