Robert Lippok 
Falling into Kome´t
/monika; 2004/



more info:

Robert Lippok was born pale and man-like, with a warm and shimmering look in his eyes, even at the youngest age. People first saw the brooding quality of sophisticated and demanding men when he entered pre-school. "This kid, people used to say, will make great things one day."


Komeit are a very good electro-pop band (and when i say electro pop i don't mean Ladytron, i mean cute acoustic guitars with bubbling beats). They're German and have released one album sometime ago, titled Falling into Place. It was good and then great and then ok and then good again. Not a great album, but promises of great things to come. The charming "Same, Same" on Morr Music's Blue Skied an' Clear 2cd slowdive tribute introduced a delicate and passionate band, and i've been waiting for a new release since then. 


I really don't understand why this album was released. I mean, i'm not even talking about its qualities and shortcomings, i just don't understand why. This is Komeit's Falling into Place, "remodelled, remade and

remixed" by aforementionned Robert Lippok, and just like most remix/reconstruction albums, it is intrinsically anecdotic. The two members of the Komeit fan club may enjoy hearing Falling into Place reconstructed, but for the few millions who have never heard of the band before, it's obviously better to start with the original version.


Robert Lippok produced a good but obsolete piece of work, with great moments (his version of "Three Hours" is impressive) but nothing really appealling about it.


-Barbara H

/apr 1st 2004/