/unique records; 2001/

rating : 7




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Lunt is Gilles Deles' toy. He recorded the whole thing by himself. Scary. His debut lp begins with a 7:50  instrumental piece, the perturbed soundtrack of a disturbing imaginary movie. "Love is Wasted Time", the second track, is a pop song mutating into a demented post rock track.
Nothing is certain.
Apart from some noisy pop experimentations, most of the album is reminescent of a noisier and crazier Silver Mt Zion, with the same fragile voice and spider web architectures.
This is an ambitious work, some might say pretentious. I tend to like monolithic records that you either reject or adore. With haunting melodies, a clever use of movie samples and loops and ingenious arrangements, Lunt's songs sound in the same time raw and luxurious. Their labyrinthic structures take us on a trip inside their author's personal hell. An impressive debut.

-Barbara H.