Murderer ep
/vinyl films; 2003/



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Duluth based slowcore trio comes back with this ep ominously entitled Murderer. It contains three songs, the ep being named after the first one, and lasts about 20 minutes. The group’s brilliant, dark song-craft still uses the same formula they have been developing for almost ten years now, yet it is definitely not as doleful as some of their previous recordings.

‘Murderer’ echoes the greatest moments of Things We Lost in the Fire and Trust, the moments when the band seems to find an epiphany, when they set this tone a little bit brighter than usual in their depressive atmosphere, when they seem to finally see a trembling light at the end of their dusty tunnel. ‘Silver Rider’ is not depressive as well. It sounds like it was recorded in a remote convent by secluded monks who strive to have faith despite a hostile environment. ‘From Your Place on Sunset’ is an 8 minutes-long track which could easily be depicted as boring but the band’s true fans will see a peaceful slow drift whose crescendo remains mellow, a drift intended to put you to sleep and rest from a hard day’s work..

For fans only…

-Blacklisted "long gone" Igor

/feb 1st 2004/