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“Loisirs is the best American band in France !” said SEB WOOd many times when he heard that the band was to release their first album. I think I can understand this explanatory statement fully now that I leisurely intend to review the album. It’s true that Loisirs sounds like American indie bands like Fugazi and Co. But the moog is the key, you see, they use it for more melodies and more originality. Without it they might only be another good emo band. The moog sets the pace for ‘Pâquerette’, the opening track, fast and furious (sorry about that). The screaming singing is always slightly behind the energy of the music, or rather drowned in it, incorporated as another instrument. ‘Questions’ unravels through pop patterns which are stretched and deconstructed so as to escape their narrowness and elusiveness. ‘Trezegoal’ is one of my favourite for its changing structure and constant balance between energy and melody. The ending part’s guitar lines, enhanced by the oddity of the moog, is simply a great piece of music. The fourth song is an untitled instrumental, softer than the rest, good but too short. ‘Nightshift’ maybe more catchy for untrained ears but confirms me that drums and bass are as much important as the rest in their music, creating an inventive and solid maze structure for guitar, moog and voices. ‘Semaphore’ and ‘85’ reminds of Shellac and that’s clearly positive. When I hear those songs, images from Loisirs’ concerts I attended are revived : the guitarist playing his crazy melodic distorted parts like an epileptic teddy bear, sometimes singing too, sweating profusely and jumping around but always keeping his glasses on; the lead singer bent over his moog in a cathartic way. ‘3 mr right’ appeared on the split 7’ ‘Theatre dans ton bourg’ Loisirs made with Myra Lee last year, another good American band from Poitiers (France), only harsher. This one is my favourite, check out by yourselves.

In the end, ‘Glamoroso’ is an encouraging and astonishing debut album, refreshing and conducted with energy. If they were not French, I might label them ‘the next big thing’.


-Angus ‘hidden and dangerous’ Anderson

/nov 1st 2003/