Fins to Make Us More Fish-like ep
/mute; 2002/
We No Longer Knew Who We Were
/sound virus; 2002/ 

rating : 7



more info:

It took time then I decided that I liked the Liars. Despite the haircuts. The "Fish-like" ep starts with an alternate version of Grown Men Don't Fall in the River Just Like That which is even more catchy and thick than the original version. And the title is still funny. These punks know how to title songs. It starts like contemporary classical music but then everything falls back into place. And the singer starts the song with a Ian Svenonius scream: We got our fingers on the pulse of America! It's fresh, urgent, exciting and deeply urban. The second song on this three song ep, Everyday is a Child with Teeth is, well, crazier but not impressive. The final song is way better. Pillars were Hollow and Filled with Candy so We Tore them Down (yes) is a minimalist disco-punk tune that makes you want to shake your booty. These two keyboard notes are driving me insane. 

We No Longer Knew Who We Were is less than seven minutes long. Three disco-post-punk songs that you want to dance to. It's less weird than the Fish-like ep : it's consistent and groovy and the bass lines kick ass. Apart from the first track, We Got Cold, Coughed and Forgot Things, I'm a little disappointed by the song titles. And I don't know the price for the ep but it'd better be cheap: even if it looks and sounds cool 6 minutes 38 seconds is kinda short.


/dec 1st 2002/