The Knife
Deep Cuts
/rabid; 2005/



The Knife play synthy, cheapo dance music.  This stuff is a dime a dozen, but I won’t be getting rid of Deep Cuts any time soon.  Karin and Olof Dreijer are the sibling duo behind this outfit, and they play with this fact for all its worth.  Connotations of incest, sleazy cafes and sex sex sex (did I mention the cheap synths?).  There are very few records I would keep that contain lyrics like “I keep my dick hanging out of my pants / so I can point at whatever I want.”  Did I mention this is twisted dance music?

Opener “Heartbeats” is one of my favorite (dance) songs this year (no joke).  It is a straight up slow burn Euro dance number and Karin isn’t that far from a heavily accented Bitney Spears in this song.  I put it on whenever I start getting ready for a night out, and it makes me feel hot.  Unfortunately, this super highlight comes right at the beginning of the record so the rest is only a little bit of a let down.  But there are other great tracks here too.

I’m keeping this short cause this music is not what you would call ‘deep.’  If you like to dance, if you like to feel sexy and if you don’t mind being weirded out by some strange, strange assed Europeans, then grab Deep Cuts on your way to the club.  Maybe download a song or two first, just in case.

- Andrew Iliadis

/june 1st 2005/