I to Sky
/lakota; 2002/

rating : 5.5



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Sometimes there are albums or bands you know are not exceptional at all, but you can't help but like them. JJ72 are just another band from the UK, the NME made them save rock a couple of times. I got their debut album about two years ago, for Christmas I think. I get into a buying frenzy around Christmas and I just buy a lot of CDs I regret buying afterwards. I didn't regret buying it, even though I knew it was not a terrific album. But it has something about it, linked with the time I bought it that makes it better than what it is. I could very easily have been disappointed by I to Sky but its being very similar to its big brother and I can't help but like it. OK, there are a few bad thing about it:

1. Mark Greaney's voice. It doesn't sound that bad but he can't help but howl. It's not as bad as Matthew Bellamy but close. He sounds like he's begging for someone to finish him (and he's not.)

2. There are couple of lousy songs. Actually, the ones in which he makes the wounded dog noises.

I guess that's it (!). The opening song, Nameless works nicely as a low key opening. Formulae, the first single, is very very good. Part Joshua Tree U2, part Siamese Dream Smashing Pumpkins, part Bends Radiohead. It's far from being original, it's not even indie, but it's good. Better than that stupid Idlewild single. The one with the candles in the video. Actually, some songs make me think of Adorable. Adorable released two albums on Creation in the early 1990s. I just discovered them, I understand why they didn't get successful, but man, they had some great songs. I Saw a Prayer is not that good and Serpent Sky sounds too much like Placebo's Every You Every Me to be enjoyed completely, even though I like its noisy, guitar-walled progression. Always and Forever is better. Sinking is boring, 7 minutes long with a stupid solo and no crescendo. Half Three is catchy and bouncing like a post punk song with a 90s touch. It makes me think of Robert Palmer's Johnny & Mary, even though it's not that obvious. Glimmer is nice. It sounds a lot like U2, with it's reverb-filled lead guitar part. It's warm and snowy. Probably my favourite. I don't like City but Oiche Mhaith -it's probably an anagram but I'm too tired to try to figure it out. Or maybe it's some very old celtic language- is a nice closer. 

Despite its screaming flaws I'm probably going to like this more than it deserves it. Just like all those stupid mindless girls. Stupid stupid mindless girls. Speaking of that, JJ72's bass player still looks cute, even though she probably doesn't have a lot of interesting things to say. But I'm being misogynous. Blame yourself. 


/nov 1st 2002/