Iron and Wine
Woman King ep
/sub pop; 2005/


Everything's drowned beneath patience and guilt right now so i'll be patient and guilty on my own and not share it with you just yet.

So this is yet another Iron and Wine record. It's great, Sam Beam is moving forwards while not really re-inventing himself and what made his music great in the first place. Some people say that he's been using the same formulas over and over again and need something else and i see their point. i don't feel that way yet but might sometime soon.

Because there's Jezebel on this record. And it just makes it wonderful. I like his slow folk songs, like "Southern Anthem", "Fever Dream" or the astounding "Communion Cups and Someone's Coat" on the Passing Afternoon single released just a couple of months ago. And "Jezebel" is just that, dark, beautiful, tender and wonderfully arranged, one of Beam's most impressive successes so far.

All the songs on this ep are about women (hence the title) and not as impressive as "Jezebel" but still very good. This is a great record for people who don't like to hear their favorite bands go post punk all of a sudden.

-Barbara H

/mar 1st 2005/