Interpol ep
/self-released; 2001/

rating : 8.5



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Interpol's second EP (self released) has a much deeper sound thn the band's first release (the fukd id ep songs were recorded on a 8-tracks recorder, while the songs on this ep come from a 24-tracks recording). It features two songs already available on the fukd id ep, Precipitate and PDA and two additional songs, Song Seven and A Time to be so Small. While Precipitate hasn't changed, PDA has evolved a lot between the two recordings. "Song Seven" is a wonderful song with a thrilling spoken word part (I'm calm baby, I'm calm). "A Time to be so Small" is a slow tune, drowned in layers and layers of Paul's voice, the whole song seems to be in slow motion, lost in limbos. With their six songs and two eps Interpol succeeded in making us eager to ear their debut lp.

-Barbara H.